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So I been drinking a gallon of water everyday for a year now. I take it to work then to Planet Fitness after work since its right there. In that year I never had any issues. Recently I been insulted called a "lunk" by staff and they told me that I couldn't have it on the floor. Annoyed I looked at their policy and it clearly states "No food, drinks, or bags on the floor with the exception of water bottles(s) and sport drink(s)" So I ask. "I... Read more

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Having just left the Stow Ohio Planet Fitness pissed off without a membership, and reading the thousands of horrifying reviews on the net, I am very glad I never signed. This is one very clever marketing scam if I ever did come across one. Why would I give checking account numbers and routing information to anyone let alone Planet Fitness? This gives them total control of your money at all times regardless of their errors regardless of any... Read more

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So today after 2 YEARS of me having a black card membership I got questioned by an employee of who my "guest was" so I politely responded "my brother". Has he ever been here before? And I responded politely "yes sir, this is our second time this month at this 24/7 facility , but usually we go to the 2 locations near us M-T since they're only open 24hrs those days a week. So he responds "sorry, but he can't workout since he's not old enough, and... Read more

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I lost my credit card /debt card tje other day and had to cancel it. This is the card they had on file for payments. Today i went to work out and scanned my card. A few seconds later i was chased down and told to report back at the desk. I was told tjst my card was declined amd needed to pay now. I notified the yound lady that i had cancelled the card and was waiting on a nrw card to arrive. I couldn't get money out the atm because my card was... Read more

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I cancelled my membership over six months ago yet PF continues to charge me over $22 every month!! They've stolen over $150 from me and I haven't been able to get in touch with ANYONE from PF to resolve this issue. My "Home Location" is in Alabama. I moved to Texas after I cancelled. Ive called the location in Alabama AND the one nearest to me in Texas just to be safe and NO ONE can help me. They just keep stealing money from me. Read more

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I just left a PF in Vestal, NY after offering to pay a full year of all fees and charges upfront with a check vs. doing the autodraft from my checking account. I learned long ago to not allow anyone do autodraft from my accounts. Much to my surprise, I was told they were "required" to do autodrafts from checking and could not accept payment in full. Is that not the dumbest way to run a business?? After reading all of the other reviews posted... Read more

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If you like *** in the shower and a company that continues to bill you after you cancelled your membership you're going to love this place what a bunch of morons

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The manager and assistant manager at the Rosenberg, TX area are horrible. My wife went to cancel our membership for both of us. They only canceled hers and not mine. How were we to know that we had to do both? My wife told them both memberships but didn't follow through with the signing of the paperwork? How is that our fault? Surely they saw we had 2 memberships and they failed to confirm what we canceled both. Thus, I was charged again. The... Read more

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I have not used my membership in over a year. Had a total knee replacement 12-21-2015 and could not use the club. I called and they said I had to come in to cancel.was not physically able.... Could not do it over the phone. I had in home and hospital out-patient physical therapy till May 2016. I went in to cancel my membership and no credit for the fact I never used it. I was to be billed on my debit card 7-17-2016. I cancelled 7-15-2016. The... Read more

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*main-EVANSTON location Hello, I had a horrible experience from the start with this location. I first went to sign up and no one was around to assist me for over 45 minutes so I left. I was told that I was going to get a bag with freebies due to the issue and when I came to retrieve it they told me no. The location manager is the one that told me I could have it but they didn't give it to me. Also, I was advised because I registered so late I... Read more

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