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Planet Fitness
Main address: 26 Fox Run Road 03801 Newington NH
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The employee simply sucks, said that i had to leave because i had someone else membership that they let me borrow and he said that i couldn't use it, apparently he just want me to renew my membership well you to what i won't i'll go to another gym way better. P.S worst gym ever. Add comment

  • 11 hours ago
  • Other
  • Pine Beach, New Jersey
  • 22

I contacted the local desk to cancel my membership but was told that i could not cancel until I paid the outstanding balance. this seems unreasonable i would venture to guess it is also illegal. It is one thing to hold someone to an outstanding bill and quite another to tell someone that they would continue to be billed for a service they no longer want unless the outstanding bill is paid. even... Read more

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  • 2 days ago
  • Fitness Centers
  • Hazel Dell, Washington
  • Employee
  • 43

I was a member at planet fitness for about a month untill The employee named shane came in the locker room and touched my but im not *** im straight and when I told the district manager about it he did absolutely nothing I dont appreciate being touched like that so save your self the embarrassment guys and dont ever go to the planet fitness in vancouver its nothing but a big scam and none of the... Read more

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The roebuck location started out nice and clean when I first joined but now 6 months later the equipment is dusty most of the time I go in there, used paper towels are left inside the machine drink holders and the garbage has been overflowing on several occasions I've been there. It's really going down as far as cleanliness. I cancelled my membership Add comment

  • Aug 26
  • Fitness Centers
  • Weymouth, Massachusetts
  • Poor Customer Service
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  • 510

I was member of Planet Fitness for at least two years and attended constantly until one Thursday afternoon I walked into the Quincy location on Adams street in Quincy. I did about 6 sets on each leg on a machine that you place your chest on a pad and kick your leg back. Then sat on the scissor machine and did 6 more sets then when over to the stair master and was on it about ten minutes before... Read more

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  • Aug 24
  • Fitness Centers
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Incompetent Workers
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  • 165

Apparently the employees at Planet Fitness only know how to work out and look at themselves in the mirror on their breaks. When it comes to actually working on the computer at the desk, they are incompetent. When I signed up with my stepfather, my account information was filled out correctly on my paper form. But I was pulled aside about 2 months later to be told my account information was... Read more

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  • Aug 22
  • Fitness Centers
  • Flourtown, Pennsylvania
  • Incompetent Staff
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  • 163

I'm a member of PF in Flourtown, PA and had left my phone there by mistake this morning. I went back to pick it up @ about 3 p.m. and there was no one @ the front desk. The whole gym was left completely unattended and 3 people (myself and 2 others) stood @ the front desk waiting to be helped. I looked all over the gym except the men's room. No employee was to be found. We waited for 10 minutes... Read more

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  • Aug 21
  • Fitness Centers
  • Stone Mountain, Georgia
  • Health Club Membership
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  • 238

For the past 3 months, due to a problem created by the person who signed me and my son up for a $19 membership and a $10 membership, my checking account has been billed a $10 late fee on both accounts. Therefore, I've been billed $50 per month because of a mistake that Planet Fitness made. When I spoke out vehemently about what was going on, the manager at Planet Fitness on Memorial Drive in... Read more

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The worst customer service experience from staff. Went to general manager and no difference. Its all about money from them. Tried cancelling membership due to poor treatment by staff and was told to pay. Never again. Planet fitness is a big joke. Add comment

My husband was trying to help me get a routine to start lifting weights, the lunk alarm kept going off! We thought it had to be somebody else until they informed us it was him. There's no way he was slamming weights. I guess it's a crime to even be in good shape at planet fitness so there went my workout buddy & motivator... Thanks a lot for not judging him. Add comment

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