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    • Rude employee 16

Cannot believe my local PF. I have only been a member for a month and a half. One of the selling points for me was the option of keeping my toiletries in their lockers. I had to be out of town for 2 1/2 weeks. When I came back my towels, my hoodie, & my toiletries were gone. They stated they left notices which I never saw. If I've been a member less than two months, then they knew that no... Read more

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Complaint thrice to change water filter and today they hided label to show red and green filter . This is planet fitness Natick Ma USA Read more

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I paid the $10 initiation fee and i chose the black card membership $20 a month. Suddenly three months into my membership, they are demanding that i pay an annual fee of over $40. Beyond that, the staff are harrassing and embarrassed me, making it seem like i owe them months of fees, etc and calling me out in front of other members. I want a refund of my dues for february 3 2015 through february... Read more

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I'm very very disappointed in the customer service of the planet fitness located in 7731 S. Dixie Highway West Palm Beach FL 33405 Phone: 561.547.0104 Discrimination like a *** in that gym plus is dirty small staff unprofessional and rude they should shut this rat hole so called gym down. Filty crappy port everything they don't allow gym bags in the floor but yet they sell them behind the counter... Read more

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Planet fitness of west palm beach got kicked out the gym for bringing my gym bag in when they sell gym bags behind the counter this gym is *** I want to file a complaint with the nation manager of planet fitness I feel very discriminated Read more

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I'm a new PF black card member. I'm not really a fan. Where I live we regularly have the craziest weather patterns and I wanted a place to workout that was warm and dry. The price of membership hooked me. Everywhere I look all I see is reverse discrimination. Fit looking people are targeted and called lunks, you are judged by what you wear, seriously I've never had to fix my hair just to go to... Read more

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I work out at 7 am. I am 75 years old. Most of the people who work out in the early am. are well over 30 years old. The music is aimed at those people under 30. I believe I am one of many who would prefer you select different music for the early morning clients. There is lots of chat about the music and videos in the early am., I would not hesitate to say that 100% of the early people would... Read more

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I am pissed because when we signed up, they didnt tell us about a annual fee and today they deducted 39.00 times two for mine and my husbands account. They didnt warn us and charged it to my bank account and then when I call he says, "You signed the contract" Terrible business tactic to get money from people. Why would you deduct 80.00 from our account 3 months after we signed up for a annual... Read more

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Have beena member since 2014, go to workout 5 to 6 times a week, have noticed in the last three months, half the people, use equipment and get up and walk away, leaving equipment full of there nasty sweat, so I have to wipe equipment down twice. Maybe for a week or so, tge staff can remind the people as they check in, to please wipe equipment down! I really enjoy your facility. Thank u! Steven... Read more

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I visited a few different location. I do like the new planet Fitness in Gahanna best so far. Awaiting the Whitehall location opening. I have found the whole experience very pleasant . They have a few new pieces of equipment that the others didn't have. I love it. The employees are very helpful and seem to enjoy their jobs. Overall a great experience Add comment

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