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I cancelled my member ship back on March 14th because of a disability. Sent in my doctors note and they told me it was cancelled but told me I had to pay one more month and they deducted it in March. On April 15th, they charged my account again and are giving me the run around on getting my money back! You talk to the home club and they are completely clueless, they don't return phone calls, and they lie! Told me I didn't cancel until April, even though I have the email from their corporate office dated March 14th with the cancellation and... Read more

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There is a young african american girl that works at the north highlands location that is so rude my friends and i dont want to go in there. She has stood behind the counter writing on a white board sign while we were standing there wanting to tan she completely ignored us for at least five minutes til we ask her if she was working finally get into tan then go to the counter to get checked into the enhancement room and again she acted like we werent there. Finally she sighs and says can i help you yes we would like to use the enhancement room... Read more

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I cancelled on Friday April 15, 2016 and verified with my bank afterwards that there was not a pending monthly charge from Planet Fitness. On the following Monday, April 18, I saw the charge pending on my bank account. On Tuesday the monthly charge went through and I called Planet Fitness to have them reimburse me. The General Manager refused because I didn't give them enough notice I was cancelling. I asked repeatedly for a contact of someone else I could talk to - his regional boss or national headquarters and Joe, the GM, fought me the... Read more

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I am a member at planet fitness located at 10780 Pebble hills, El Paso Texas. I Just want to express my gratitude towards the staff. But especially the managet Adam- who takes the time to greet member when they walk in and walk out. Bust most of all -i really apprciate how clean and how adam takes pride by sanatizing the equipment and making El Paso Planet Fitness a safe place to enjoy your work outs. Planet Fitness is very lucky to have Adam as a employee-Thank you Read more

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Planet Fitness has the dumbest people working at their gyms. You call one day and get one answer regarding cancelling membership and they supposedly do it and say you can cancel, but then the next month you get another monthly charge. So you call them back up and then Jackson at the Fort Union location in Utah says "well I don't know who you spoke with but we can't cancel over the phone and you need to come in to cancel". Planet Fitness has a bunch of butt clowns working their, no accountability. I'd expect more from a "supposed" gym. ... Read more

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Firstly, the gym sucks in all the possible ways. Unhygienic, No proper equipment, Gym staff who never try to help you. More than anything they loot your money with an agreement which is so dark in terms, you gotta pay even to escape their trap. Its just waste of money. My situation is i have joined Planet fitness and in a month of time i have to move to other place for job purpose. I tried many times to cancel the subscription but no one were responding, They have been charging $21 every month for 5 months and they have charged me additional... Read more

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At the Mechanicsburg Gym on Carlisle Pike, they charged me an additional 2 months AFTER I cancelled my membership. I don't have any photos or receipts. I talked to a manager named Mike who said there was little he could do. So not only do they charge me but the manager refuses to refund my money. This has me really peeved because I didn't think they had a bad establishment nor did I think they had bad employees. Usually they would help you when you needed it. But to charge people when they are under the impression that they no longer have a... Read more

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I used to use the showers, but I noticed recently I kept breaking out in hives on my wrist after using them. I also noticed that your hair will start to fall out after use there as well. It happened twice at two different locations. My hair grew back the first time after i stopped going to planet fitness and ironically it started to happen again recently when I relocated to another location. Whats in the water? Im assuming something very harmful to loyal customer and thats not good... Read more

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See this is what I was telling people smart mouth people poor Management what a shame they have no respect for anyone they must really hate their job we where people watch out for planet fitness smelly places anyways and nasty for money means that much to you all then just keep it maybe you can use it for management training hopefully a franchise might see this and see you're rude remarks so why don't you look in the mirror and take a really good look because you are one rude person your not sorry one bit so why did you even say you're sorry Read more

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La empleada que recorta los varones tras de llegar tarde y luego desayunar en el area busca cualquier excusa para invalidar las citas nunca esta on time.dos veces corridas que me suspende la cita de recorte. El gerente de manera amable trata al cliente pero en nada resuelve la situacion. El servicio al al cliente va bajando rapidamente en esta area.Super dificil encontrar cita para recorte.tiempo de espera 45 plus.La respuesta del gerente esperar a ver si hay cancelacion.No acceptable.Debe haber buzon de sugerencias para estas quejas y estas... Read more

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