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I love planet fitness and what it has to offer.however i am also a single mother who can only workout when have a babysitter.there are more like me who choose other gyms over planet due to no child services.

I went to a compettion who offered child care but did not like the big gym atmosphere. but i love to workout just limited due to my child. also in MS we need more child health programs that teach healthy habbits and exercise.

Please take this into consideration. It helps get children and parents more active and focused on health.

When single never realized the huge help and benefit of child asst in a gym.It is a crucial factor!

Thank you

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Feb 25 #950542 Michigan, United States

There is so much anger on here. I opened this page to find the answer to my question. To my fear I found that, no, there is no daycare. This is very unfortunate. I'm a single mother, by choice, and don't really have a sitter for my 4yr old. So I no longer hold a gym membership anywhere. But with the new year here I'd like to lose 150lbs. So how about some encouraging words instead of all the negative. We all have the common goal of health.

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Aug 08, 2014 #853694

I have 2 wonderful boys and I wish I can find a gym that provides child care and it's affordable. .. all these places charge way much... PF seems pretty good with prices but unfortunately they don't provide child care services... why!!??? As a mom, I would love to take my kids with my knowing they're having a good time with other children, while I work out... PF should consider opening a child care even If they pump up the prices a bit I wouldn't mind... at least for those with kids...

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Jul 27, 2014 #846965

*WAaHhhhhhhH*...I'm a dumb *** who got knocked up when I was SUUUUPPPEERRR WASTEEEDD, and then the Bro jetted on me and the kid; so now you have to bend over backwards to accommodate me while I try to get tight for a brand new BabyDaddy!!! *WaahhHhhHhhh!!!*

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Oct 15, 2014 #884842

First of all, you don't know anyone's circumstances you ***. What if both parents were in good terms, but things just couldn't workout between the two of them? What if the father is the military away from home? What if the father got shot or killed? What if the mother got raped and had no other choice but to raise the children on her own. Ain't nobody got time for your inconsiderate ***.

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Feel Better

Feb 25 #950544

I don't know why you are so angry, maybe you were just having a bad day, but this was uncalled for. Everyone has the right to ask for the extra help. I prthoyou do not become a single parent and have to fight as hard as we do. Life is hard enough. I hope that you are better now.

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I better than you

Mar 26 #963792 New York, New York

You got these woman up here confused with yo mama. Just cause you and your siblings have 12 different daddies doesnt mean everyone else has to. You mama didnt have to worry about the gym since all the meth that raggedy *** bag was smoking kept her nice and slim. I know you dont get any *** lame thats why your mad and backed up now.

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Sep 18, 2013 #718505 Fort Worth, Texas

I thought about joining planet fitness until I found out that they do not provide child care. I joined another gym that did. They have tons of equipment and not matter what day or time I work out. There is a kids club inside of the gym. I just sign my children in and return to pick them up before the 2 hour limit expires. My girls love going into the kids club. When I first took them, they had no reservations on going in or leaving me. This is important to me. Working out gives me a break and allows them to have fun with other children. Children are not allowed on the workout floor, so I do not have to worry about my children being in danger

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Aug 02, 2013 #692400

yes they defenitly need a daycare

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Mar 29, 2013 #630248

I"m sorry for all the people that can't work out because of child care . But I don't want kids there ,you made the choice to be a parent as I did and this just goes with the job. It is not a safe environment for children ,there are way to many ways to get hurt and I for one would feel bad if I inadvertently causes a child to brake their fingers .

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May 01, 2014 #810922

Lady!!! We are asking for a safe place , another area, for the kids to go! Duh!!!!! Yes many other gyms offer that. They should consider that just for business sake.

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May 01, 2014 #810944

Hey ***! the kids are contained in a daycare room. They do not run freely through the gym. Gee, your mom must be proud of her retarded child.

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Apr 22 #975302

The membership is 10 a month... You want daycare for that price?

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Sep 21, 2014 #873295 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Just cause you don't want them there doesn't make you judgement concrete. Many daycares like blast, and others make good money due to day care. So what if she has child, she still has a right to get in screw your mindset.......get you mind right and encourage ppl to get in shape.

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Navy wife and stay at home mom

Feb 21, 2013 #612545 Columbia, South Carolina

I just cancelled a big gym membership due to the employees sexually harassing me. It had a child care room free of charge so I worked out a lot until it got too difficult to doge the creeps and the constant pick up lines. Then I found PF and liked it but now I can't work out with out trying to find a sitter or only be able to work out when my husbands home and we can't go work out together because one of us has to watch the kids... This is so inconvenient! But I refuse to go to another big gym!!!

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Dec 10, 2012 #580201

That last planet fitness worker who was cursing was rude. Dont want to make $8 an hr? Get an education, ***.

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Oct 17, 2013 #730055

One does not need an extensive education just to make more money. If they want to be make an *** of themselves because they get *** pay, just smile and think about how much you make.

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May 01, 2014 #810962

Same goes to you, it is don't not dont.

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Lisa L. Chandler

Aug 09, 2012 #526372

I love Planet Fitness too!! I am a single mother and veteran, the military base does not offer me the same as they do except a family room that we all can be in. If at all possible to get an area about the size of the 6min ab section and a tv for the kids, the equipment is there for us to use and we could watch our own children. The safety bars can divide the children away from the workout area and there can be designated equipment for parents in the immediate area. I would of paid extra if you had childcare in the gym like riverside wellness does. That $3-5 extra. per hour.

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Hanna H

Jul 08, 2012 #509170

I'm 13 and me and my dad are starting PF tomorrow together and i do agree with the no childcare policy. Kids that are younger need constant care and lots of space. Planet Fitness probably can't afford the extra space. I think people should just enjoy the cheap price of a great gym! If you are a parent that needs someone to watch your child while you workout then just use the extra money to pay for a sitter. (younger and certified kids like me charge what you offer or like a couple bucks an hour, trust me i'm certified and sitting and i charge what parents offer, so younger and certified kids are the cheaper choice) Can't wait to start PF! Hope this helped stumped parents :)

1 4 Reply

Jun 12, 2014 #826586

Sounds like just another spoiled kid that talks without thinking.

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