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Planet Fitness - problem checking in every visit

Company Planet Fitness
Product / Service Customer Service
Location Uniontown, Pennsylvania
Category Fitness Centers
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My first visit was going well when I first started my application and the guy who did my application said I could start with there 9.99 package and I told him I would not be working out but my daughter would and h said how old is she I said 14 he said no problem as long as I was with her every time I paid 14.99 signed the paper and she started working out left came back few days later and Chris who did my application stopped me and said it has been almost a week and we need your blank check brought it few days later my daughter was able to use the gym again next visit another employee started to sign me in and said that my daughter would not be able to work out I said why she said I don't have the black card membership so only I could I told her I do not want to work out and Chris on my application said she can on the 9.99 membership as long as I was with her Chris was very rude and said I was told and was very disrespectful toward me pretty much calling me a liar I canceled my membership then and was unable to get my money back I would get it in the mail 2weeks later got it with tax taken out went signed up for the black card membership so my daughter could work out stopped again at the desk and said I owe 19.99 I said wasn't u guys suppose to automatically take it out my account already?Chris again said there was a problem and maybe next time it will come out and he said very rude again said no it was my fault so went back and paid the 19.99 in person Chris again said she is ok to go in all these visit which is probably 10 times total never ask once for a I'd for my daughter of course I had Chris again and he said that my daughter would need her I'd before she can workout I said what never once did u every ask for a I'd he pretty much called me a liar again then Amanda came over said that that is policy I said he never ask me for her I'd SHE called me rude when I ask her about why she did not ask the next 2people who came in for there I'd SHE ignored me like I was not even there and told note to be rude for someone to be a manager and talked to costumers like that is not very professional. 306e8b4

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Jan 28  from Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania
No, I was there that night and Chris handled himself very well. You were the one being rude he was doing his job period. Your a true example of Fayette county trash lady. Plus maybe if you could read I'm pretty sure there's signs as you walk in informing you that ALL guests need I'd you ***.
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Jan 20  from Hagerstown, Indiana
I know that the company changed over to new software that requires ID for all guests, this may be the case. It is not required if you are already a member since that was taken care of initially upon signing the agreement. A guardian IS required for all 13 to 16. The guardian need not be a member, but MUST either sign-in each time, or be pre-approved, but this policy may be up to management. Some of your dollar figures are unclear. I initially assumed the 9.99 was a typo, missing the 1 as in 19.99. THEN you seemed to CHANGE to the Black Card. I am a bit confused. This sounds like a misunderstanding on both sides. And I may be misunderstanding as well.
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Dec 29, 2013  from Indianapolis, Indiana
I workout at w.38th location and they always have the fans turned down its get very hot in there. I was wondering if they could leave the fans on high on one side and turned down on the other. that way everyone is happy. I know you sweat when working out but my face is so red when I leave that everyone looks at wondering if I'm ok. I keep my payments up to date and I do not feel that I have to make myself sick just to work out. Thank you :cry :( :? :zzz
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Jan 20  from Hagerstown, Indiana
Check the floor thermostat. If the gym is 70 degrees, it's set right and heating and cooling is optimal. With higher temps outside, any area becomes more difficult to cool. The fan manipulation sounds like a good idea, (assuming it's ceiling fans) but these are meant to lift up the warm air, circulate the room air, etc., not cool a person. Bring a wet/damp towel and wear it around your neck. Remove hair from shoulders. Wear a sweat band.
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Dec 18, 2013  from Buffalo, New York
Hey lady...it's called proper grammar and PUNCTUATION. Try them sometime.
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Dec 18, 2013  from Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
Mind your business this has nothing to do with you and what do you mean proper grammar :sigh
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