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So irritated with Planet Fitness

Company Planet Fitness
Product / Service Bad Customer Service
Category Fitness Centers
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When planet fitness came to Findlay I went with a friend to look at what is offered.I was very excited about the whole package that included tanning and hydro bed.

I am a working mom ( nurse) who thought a 24 hour place would be ideal. Since I ended up with 2 unexpected surgeries I have not been able to use the equipment much but still tried to make use of the tanning and hydro bed. For starters , I had to interrupt staff behind the counter to even use hydro bed and then had to ask twice before anyone would show me how to use it. When I went to tan the girl behind the counter says as I walk away "I need to see your googles before I can let you tan"....really kid I am 44 and you don't know what I do once in the tanning room.

My next complaints is for the third time (never said anything other 2 times) I run in to see if I can tan. I arrive at 410pm. The 2 kids behind the desk talked until I said excuse me (a few min) I asked "do I need to sign under 400 or 430? Only 2 beds were signed out for 400pm.

I was told 430 and the girl walked away. I stood there thinking she was coming back but then she began doing stuff on computer. I waited a few minutes (414pm)and asked the girl if I could tan. She sternly says "not till 430pm.

I said "you have multiple beds open though. She said "well it will only be another 10-15 min. Seriously? As one guy came and handed in his #card from tanning, I said now can I go in.?

She says the bed needed cleaned and had to cool. I asked " what about all the other beds? she says well its not 430. Then states that me tanning at that time would mess up the schedule.

I said "you mean to tell me that tanning at 415 when a bed is open and I signed a slot for 430 was gonna mess things up.? She replied " it will only be anther 10 min. So a paying customer has to wait 20 min for service when the service was available? I was in retail for 15 years and I would never do that to a customer.

I came to PF for all the perks. Once they get you locked in ....service don't matter. My husband has the monthly plan and will be cancelling. I will be too as soon as I can.

I don't need a snotty kid asking to see my googles prior to tanning. And I do not expect to have to wait 20 minutes to tan when several beds were open. I have no problems signing up waiting my turn my when nothing is available. I seriously don't know what the point was in having to wait.

So yep I finally walked out. I wont recommend them. Had I known they would be so ridiculous I would not have signed up with them. I was happy where I was but thought having everything in one place would be a great plus.

NOT AT ALL!!!!! 302905e

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Feb 19  from Bloomington, Indiana
They have time slots for a reason. They don't need to micromanage every entitled suburban *** that comes through the door wanting to *** 5 more minutes into their tanning session. That *** is horrible for you anyway. If you're that butthurt over having to wait 10 minutes then you got a lot bigger problems.
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Dec 27, 2013  from Plano, Texas
Really LTCC? Have you read these complaints? Most are ridiculous complaints! You signed up for a gym with tanning perks, not a tanning salon with gym perks. It's goggles not googles and by law she has to ask you so quit complaining that she was actually doing her job. If you signed up for a 4:30 slot and the policy is to do it by the time slot, you can't complain when they make you adhere to it. Most of these complaints are because people didn't read the contract they signed saying they'd adhere to the guidelines that they are now complaining about or they feel entitled to more than they signed up for. You people need to stay at home and never deal with the public!
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Oct 23, 2013 
Stop complaining about the googles. Every tanning place I have EVER been to has required them. If no one checked before, it's because they were morons.

I've read so many complaints and am very happy that I have never had issues with the one I go to in IL. Tanning is NOT on a schedule at my PF.
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Sep 16, 2013 
384 compliants and growing:-).......take your money else where. These clowns obviously do not need your money.
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Feb 04  from Rochester, New Hampshire
I have to say this again. This is better than some of the best movies Hollywood is putting out.
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