Planet Fitness - Won't allow me to join because I only have a debit/credit card not checking account!

I got a letter to come back to Planet Fitness so I went to join with my husband.They denied my membership because I only have a credit card!

My husband and I did away with our bank account months ago due to high fees and hearing this really makes me Irate! So you can't prepay unless they're offering it as a special, you can't use a credit card, and you can't pay in cash month by month. What big corporation doesn't take credit/debit credit cards?

Talk about single-ing people out!Guess I need to find a better gym!

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Kay kay

Mar 22

I just think they want to just get a little extra money on the low...

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Jan 21 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

My coworker just told me the planet fitness in Mayfair Philadelphia pa.. they let him pay 200.00 for the entire year all he needed was an id. I hope I can do the same and they don't give me bs.

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Jan 14 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I joined online, no problem, they send an email stating they needed a canceled check, when we come in to get our stuff (t shirt, yay), . My wife called and explained it to them and they told her they only reason they really do that is for verification and for I. D. Purposes, Kevin said it was not necessary.

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Jun 27, 2014 Gardner, Massachusetts

I have the money to join but do not have a checking account. They should make a photo id that you have to scan to work out and if it pops up that you owe money just not allow you in until you pay and let people pay month to month

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Jun 17, 2014

I was rejected as well....guess ill find some where else to go.. their loss

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Apr 08, 2014

I just went online to see the information and noticed it said pay with credit card for monthly but anual fee must be paid with checking account so I called for my husband and for myself to join and I told them what I seen online and the guy said uuhum! so I said! so you are telling me that if people do not have a checking account they cant join? He said that is correct! so I just hung up!! that really Sucks! :(

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tonya g

Apr 06, 2014 Midland, Texas

this *** really sucks,,i don't want automatic take outs...its not fair at all,,why cant I just pay

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Jan 08, 2014

It must depend which one you go to i use my walmart debit card with out any issues.

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Dec 08, 2013 Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

They want a checking account because theat makes it harder for you to stop the automatic billing. If you use a credit card, and you want to get out of you membership, you can simply call the credit card bank and report you credit card lost/stolen.

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Peter C

Sep 05, 2013 Raymond, New Hampshire

I just received the same treatment trying to join with cash or credit card. Access to a checking account only as payment seems a bit dubious, or maybe corporate does not trust the help.

Peter C.

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Aug 21, 2013 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

i don't like banks because they charge for everything!, so i asked if my boyfriend and i could pay cash. the first time i asked , they said it was one hundred and something dollars, i asked again and they told me it was $200 , WTF!! since i don't have a job = to no money, so the plan was to pay for the whole year ($200) and bring in a guest (me) but they said we were going to get the white card with less access and no guest. i was pissed off. if my boyfriend is going to pay that much money, we should be able to bring a guest , i don't care for the massage room or the t-shirt or whatever else they have to offer. all i want for my boyfriend and i is to workout.. planet fitness is the closest gym to my area ( mayfair)

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Aug 11, 2013 Staten Island, New York

Yesterday I was at the Planet Fitness fitness center on South Avenue in Staten Island, NY trying to become a member and I was told that there is some absurd policy in place which does not allow me to become a member unless I allow Planet Fitness to withdraw funds from my checking account. I was not, and I am still not, willing to do that. What I was willing to do was to use my credit card as many of my family and friends have been doing for the longest time as members and was told that was “unacceptable” I understand the reason behind this “policy” might be the fact that Planet Fitness must pay the credit card companies a fee if they accept my credit card. I feel that this is the price of doing business and needs to be absorbed by Planet Fitness. I gave Planet Fitness another option, a simple one, I told them I would pay “Cash”. Apparently American dollars have no value to them either. I am now forced to contact you at corporate headquarters to try to understand why I was treated this way and if this is a corporate policy or the policy of this single outlet. I am very disappointed that I was not able to become a member and hope that this situation can be resolved quickly. I truly hope I am not forced to chose another fitness center to give my business to!

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D. VIous

Apr 16, 2013

Cancelled your bank account due to the high fees? WTF, do you hide your money under the mattress or in the closet? Ever hear of credit card interest rates?

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Jan 17 Cliffside Park, New Jersey

bank accounts are scams.. do your research. IPNS, ROTHSCHILD ETC.. search and learn.

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Feb 07, 2012

sometimes we dont take pre-paid credit cards... otherwise you just got a bad planet fitness employee. as for the getting billed afetr you cancel, if you cancel on or before the 10th you wont be billed because we send all of our billing information in to corporate on the 11th so after that there is nothing we can do and that information is stated on the front of your membership agreement.

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May 12, 2014 Brooklyn, New York

I signed up online with my joint checking account that I have with my husband. They told me I have to bring a check with my name on it except I haven't reordered checks since I don't need them and they said I can't bring my husband's checks (even though it's the same account) and I can't use a credit card either. Little ridiculous. So now I have to go to Chase and pay for ONE check - we use 12 checks per year, for rent so ordering another book of checks doesn't make sense...

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Jan 04, 2012

>They denied my membership because I only have a credit card!
Just looked at their site for sign up and they allow sign up with either a credit card OR a checking account.

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tonya g

Apr 06, 2014 Midland, Texas

no they don't,,it looks like that but they want both,,just tried

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Dec 12, 2011

:grin I had this same problem, I don't want a checking account or at least to use it for this because they will rip you off. I bought a year membership for just $99. No contract or anything, no monthly payments. Just pay with cash, credit card, anything. If you go online you can buy a 1 year card.

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pissed and satisfied

Nov 18, 2011

:p be glad u didnt gt an account with this company. Once they have your numbers your their *** and they will laugh at u for it. I had 3 accounts one was for my son who went into the army. They said it wouldnt cost anything to cancle but the next day charged my acct.29.99... i went back to the place and the "manager" said i said that but thats not what i meant. I said ***. I had to get another d/c card just to keep these *** from hitting my accout again. Theres your answer, loose your card they cant charge your accout on a flagged card. This company is a rip off even to our service men...anything they tell u is a lie to suit themselfs. Planet fitness sucks!!!!

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