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Love this gym!! The employees are awesome and very friendly! Read more

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Gyms are not the place for children. I'm 6' tall and I'm not looking down when I walk around the gym. What if I accidentally bump into someone's child? You'd try to sue me I'm sure, but the membership agreement states that they are not liable for accidents. As a certified fitness trainer, I (and every other fitness trainer) will tell you that fitness starts in the kitchen, not the gym. At some earlier point, you need to address obesity before it... Read more

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Closed accountS in May. Yes, 2 ACCOUNTS. They were still taking money out of my bank account. Went up there to show them my statement and thought I was at the bottom of it. WRONG. Come to find out, they only closed ONE. I am here to tell y'all they suck. And theyre the rudest bunch I've ever had to deal with. I DO NOT RECOMMEND PLANET FITNESS !!!! Read more

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This is a new place but I go all the time. I am 60 years old. I have had nothing but respect when I go there. Shean is a pleasure to work with. He is the one that does all the classes. Place is kept clean and all staff are friendly. I have referred my friends to go and check it out. I do not have to worry about someone trying to make me feel out of place or that I am too fat to be there. I have lost around 10 pounds in one month and will keep... Read more

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Place is staffed by punk kids and a Fat man.( Might be a woman not sure)Told i couldnt work out because i was wearing sandles. Which is against policy as noted on the sign. As is the wearing of string tank tops. But as i look around i see severAl women wearing them going ahead happily working out without being harrassed. I pointed this out to the punk kid who claimed to be the manager and said he should enforce his policys fairly. He growrled... Read more

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I have never had a problem ... It's what you make of it...I go to work's not my social time.... Read more

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The lunk alarm is a joke! THAT IN ITSELF US A JUDGEMENT! Hypocrites, hateful of athletes who grunt? Watch professional sports the best all grunt! Bigoted organization! Read more

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I just called a local planet fitness to consider a membership and I ask them if you can join without a debit card or credit card on file and they said no cuz they take it immediately right out of your account and I'm not comfortable with that so I decided not to join I think they need to fix that it's kind of ridiculous I don't want anybody having my bank information on file so I'm not considering that gym I will go elsewhere I'm actually... Read more

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This gym is a joke and the lie. I signed up with the black card them telling me there is absolutely no contract act all cancel at anytime. Well i go in to cancel because of a move and they were charging me a 55.00 cancellation fee. I told them i was told when signing up there was no fees for early cancellation and they were just down right rude to me. So know they may tell you there are no cancellation fees but there are. The other issue i had... Read more

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My wife has membership and my company recently moved on a transfer to Miramar Florida. She tried to cancel the membership and they said she could not do it. So a month passes and I call and they say she never asked them to Cancel. So I asked the manager Missy Elliot your calling my wife a liar. Even after explaining that we have moved Missy basically said you will have to pay and oh by the way the NO CONTRACT deal is bull ***. DO NOT JOIN... Read more

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