I like the 30 minute workout, but no matter what time of day you go, someone or more than one comes into the area and gets on a machine and does sets.I tell them it's my turn to use that piece of equipment and they get pissed beyoud belief.

Always causes confrontation. There are no signs saying you cannot start in the middle or do sets. Always a problem.

I have not had one good 30 minute workout yet.

Why can't we do a 30 minute workout with just 30 minute workout people!!!!!!!!Please help us out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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totally agree with you.Belonged to planet fitness for years on and off and always cancel my membership due to idiots that sit on the machines in the 30 minute workout area as if it is a coffee house.

Totally pissed.Latest visit 2/1/16

Tucson, Arizona, United States #869565

i used to be a member of the Rooney Ranch planet fitness in Oro valley Arizona.

i say used to because my membership was cancelled because twice i asked people to move off of the step or machine that i was to move to next in the 30 minute circuit.

when i asked them to move they looked at me like i was insane.

i then pointed to the sign that outlines usage and they are like huh.

so i went to the front desk and complained and guess what; they cancelled my membership saying that i sought out confrontation.

when you join they tell you the purpose and function of the 30 minute circuit and that same purpose and function is posted on the wall.for me the people that stay on a machine or step and will not move to allow the people that are using the circuit in its intended way are self centered and selfish people that do not care or bother about other people.

if someone goes in to the 30 minute circuit and does a single machine or a single step i don't think anybody cares but when another person that is doing the circuit in order gets to that machine or step the person not doing the circuit should know to move. apparently there are many people missing the common sense bone in their body. sure if there is another empty machine or step you can go to it but why should the person doing the circuit have to work around the person that is not doing the circuit. the person not doing the circuit should work around the person doing the...

come on everyone knows that don't they.sadly apparently not.

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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #712953

At the Planet Fitness I go to, every machine in the circuit is out on the floor except for the steps and I still occasionally observe members who "hog" certain machines in the circuit. I don't think it should be a problem using them as long as you move when the light changes, but it's just rude not to be considerate of someone who clearly wants to use the circuit the way it was designed to be used.

Roseville, Michigan, United States #673332

I think some people just like to complain.If someone is on the machine you're heading for next, skip it and come back when they're done.

I do this all the time. As for doing the circuit in order - I usually don't. I don't know how they're set up at other locations, but at my PF they have it set up so that you do 90% of your upper body exercises first, then all your lower body work with 1 more upper body in between.

I prefer a more logical approach of alternating upper and lower, so I do skip around the circuit to accomplish this while still observing the red/green lights.Have yet to have a problem either with management or other patrons and have no intention of changing.

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #665120

I'm a pretty big dude (tall/fat).All I have to do is ask people to move and they usually do, and quickly.

If it's only me and the meat head who is breaking the rules, I usually just skip that station until they are done and then go back, but I make sure to give them that "you're an *** for not following the rules"/disapproving look.I guess some people think they are above the rules and can do what they want.

Winston Salem, North Carolina, United States #657557

Hi there, I'm glad that I found your comment.I just got off the telephone with a customer service rep to voice my concerns about the exact opposite.

I was asked to leave the 30-min Express section today when I've been using it for the last 8 weeks (4 times week/average). The manager wasn't ugly...he was very polite and professional and he stated that this section was designated for 30-min workouts. I explained that no one is hardly ever in this section; plus I'm always on the lookout for folks that enter. I also explained that when folks enter and it appears that they are following the 30-sec routine, I ALWAYS leave.

He apologized and said that he understood but that's the way the section is set up. So then I said "okay, I'll get up and alternate machines when the light turns red". He said okay. I visited two more machines at the light change and then he stopped me again to tell me that I have to do the "steps" in between.

At that time I told him "fine" and I left the gym. MY CONCERN- if I am the ONLY PERSON in the Express section, what difference does it make how long I spend on a machine or if I do the aerobic steps in between? Those steps put strain on my damaged knee. Again, I'm very observant as to who enters and I make sure that I'm not impeding anyone's workout regiment.

I certainly understand your point if another member is not being respectful of your time. However, I'm not one of those folks. Yes, I could use the other side of the...

It's just me!I'm most comfortable and my workout is more enjoyable when I'm in my own little world (by myself).

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to George Winston Salem, North Carolina, United States #657564

And before anyone "electronically beats me up:)", please understand that I wasn't asking for special treatment.I was willing to get off the machines when the light turned red but the manager told me that I HAD to do the steps in between machines.

That doesn't make any sense to me.That way I see it, I'll be in and out of the 30-min Express section in under 10 mins because there's only 4 machines that I use (twice).

to George #1360099

If you want to work out alone, buy a home gym. That area has a specific purpose, it's not there for your privacy, it's there for folks who need to get in and out quickly.


I work at a PF and we have signs posted for members NOT to use unless they are to do the 30 minute circuit.You can also go to the front counter and let a team member services know what is going on and so they can re-enforce this issue.

If the employees do their 30 minute club check, they should be checking this area out as well. Trust me you can get your 30 minutes...

It is your right as a paid member!:)

to FitGal #1360100

Well I did complain to the manager who did absolutely zero about it and then told me there are "other ways to handle it." (Code for don't bother me). He did not give a hoot that I was a paying member as well as the person who was attempting to hold machines open that they weren't even using. Outrageous.

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