I recently cancelled my membership, 6 days after I was charged the annual fee. I requested a refund of the annual fee and all they said was it was in the contract - and I would be charged regardless if I cancelled or not.

I asked to talk with the manager and the desk clerk just blew me off and said read the contract. Talk about lousy customer service... they just want their money and could care less about goodwill or leaving a good impression.

I will any and everyone to stay away from this place... what a total rip off.

Product or Service Mentioned: Planet Fitness Membership.

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I had the same thing happen. I thought the $39 was a one time fee for joining.

After paying the $10 monthly , I wanted to cancel after 1 yr and found they took that fee again right before my year monthly fee was due . They would not reimburse even though I was canceling for the next year. Terrible customer service and no copperate phone number . Basically told me I could complain online and cooperate would kick it back to him and he already told me no reinbursement.

I will never do automatic deduction from my account again for anything. You have no control.


They clearly told me when signing up about the annual fee. You literally have to sign to agree to it..

I love how people will try to destroy a buisnesses reputation because of their own ignorance.

The thing about people like this saying that everyone was rude to me, i have found in customer service these are the same *** that treat everyone like peasants and talk down to them. Remember the world around you is a reflection of how you treat people.


Always read the agreements before signing that way there are no surprises. They wouldn’t have taken it out of your account unless authorized and obviously you enjoyed using their service for a year so you must have agreed to their terms. I love how companies get crucified because some idiot doesn’t know enough to read terms/conditions/policy/procedures before signing any documentation then screams Boo *** hoo when said company rightfully collects on the binding agreement.


Yes they didn't tell me about the 39.00 annual fee at all until they deducted it from my account.

to OneChihuahua #1553571

Its in the contract and on all their advertisment.All gyms have a annual fee and planet fitness is the cheapest annual fee I have ever seen.


I never had any complaint .friendly service . Great staff at Butler Planet fitness


i've never had a problem with planet fitness and IT IS in the contract i dont like contracts either but at least i read them you should of read the fine print or LISTENED to the person at the front counter who told you when you joined


Yes I do have something to say. Planet Fitness 22th St Dallas,TX ROCKS EVERYDAY!No rip off no hidden fee.

I paid $10 day I started Black Card w an unlimited trainer who absolutely cares about my goals & the journey to my new body. I agreed in contract to $39.99 1 time fee that was taken out at the first of the 2nd month..in contract. On the 17th each mo my acct show oayment made to Plabet Fitness $21. Also in my contract.

BTW tootsie roll bashers, them are for whatever reason especially when blood sugar levels drop on anyone working out to their fullest extent. Thanks my Planet Fitness is really great.


unfortunate for the little man but great for the owners


Any gym at 10 bucks a month is probably not a rip-off just for collecting a contractually binding fee.



joined in March 2017, 1st annual membership fee on 5/1/17. rarely used the membership, thought twice about canceling. Called club twice and both times was told required to pay through 4/17/18 monthly payment, which gets me access through 5/16/18.

BOTH TIMES RECOMMENDED canceling by 5/10/18 in order to avoid auto monthly fee on 5/17/18 happening. NEVER ONCE MENTIONING 2nd "non-refundable" $39 annual fee that would hit automatically on 5/1/18...


I was supposed to be charged an annual fee of 39.00 and a monthly free of 10.00. I was charged 20.00 and 49.00 instead.

When I went in and spoke to Sara she was absolutely no help.

When I asked her about the charges I was told it was a 10.00 late fee because they could not find my account. It is amazing they found it to make the charges including a late fee.


I agree, I'm so pissed off that they charge an "annual fee" when you initially sign up. I was mislead into thinking that when my contract would renew I would be charged for the annual fee.

How can you charge an annual fee if you haven't been there a year? I think a civil lawsuit is in order. They said the same thing "it's in the contract." Well, when someone is explaining the contract as your are signing you trust that they are giving you accurate information about the contract. Assistant manager responded with "I always read my contract" when I called to complain.


I got the membership with $1 down for membership fees. Isn't the annual fee part of the initial membership fees?

to R. Esquivel #1452579

No. The annual fee is for everyone to pay one time a year and that fee goes to making sure the gym is clean. Thats why they always have a clean gym.

to Richy rich #1492811

You have to pay for both monthly membership fee and also annual fee. I was about to sign up for a family member, the form stated including monthly membership fee + annual fee. You are wrong.


This all seems very funny to me, I actually took the time to read the contract in full before agreeing to sign up, and it CLEARLY STATES there is a annual fee.... I was well aware that it was around 40.00 dollars, and I was surprised to find out, after I did some research.....(before I signed the contract)...that compared to most places, this is a great deal....

I'm very pleased with my membership...


to Erin Honeycutt #1426706

i had youfit.and my annual was only 32 so it isnt that great

to Erin Honeycutt #1440470

I agree.. read your contrct.

Thats why is there. People that complain is because they just sign with out reading their contract.

You have choices in life. Follow them.

to Erin Honeycutt #1444301

I have to agree with Erin, I actually can’t think of one gym in existence today, that doesn’t charge an Annual Enhancement Fee. I actually worked in gym membership customer service for a short time.

It was 8-9 hours a day of being cussed at because people do not read what they’re signing. I’ve been guilty of it, too. That job, although I hated it, taught me a lot. My sister and mom, who now live in a different state, just joined a gym.

I actually sent them a heads up message, just in case they were unaware.

That gym membership is a binding contract. You’re agreeing to all terms, including that annual fee.

to Observer #1456666

“Annual Enhacement Fee”

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