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As any normal day to workout. I went in as usual .My water my bag with keys, gloves, wallet in it.

I began my workout when i was approached by attendant who said ,"You cant have your bag in while working out. I got off the machine told him to explain there were no signs posted that said i couldnt have my bag next to me. I asked for the facility manager, he gave me a card and said hed be in the next day. I told him i was gonna finish my workout and he said i'm gonna ask you to leave.

I told him i want a copy of my contract(he couldn't show me then about my bag) He wanted me to sign twice ,i refused. I told him this convetsation was being recorded. He then waited til other customers came around and said Im gonna adk u to leave the primises.

I told him he didnt have to ask. Because i was leaving.

Review about: Planet Fitness Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Use a locker! Everyone else does.


it doesn't have to state that in the Agreement. it doesn't stipulate that you clean your equipment either.

all gyms have an etiquette policy. PF has a no gym bag on the floor policy.

it's often a very crowded gym. imagine if everyone broke the rules.

to Anonymous #1405462

The only sign posted says that PF wasn't responsible for lost or stolen goods in unlocked lockers. I only use a very small bag that has my keys, water, and gloves.

I've been there almost two yrs and no one said anything. When I told him I was recording the conversation he then told me to leave.

I'm a paying customer..recording was on the contract either. I'll be reporting this to the BBB.

to Anonymous #1407105

I'm kind of on your side. I feel that going to the Planet Fitness website is your best option.

click on the contact us link, and give your all of your details to them. Good Luck.

to Anonymous #1407974

The BBB is not a government agency, and says on its blog that it "is not a consumer watchdog." The ratings that it provides are based above all else on the fees that a business pays to the BBB, and the way that businesses deal with complaints.

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