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I recently got very sick and became disabled. I am in a wheelchair chair and unable to walk.

I had sent emails and request to cancel and got nothing back and still got charged the anual fee.

I called and you said I had to come down IN PERSON!!! I’m in a wheelchair and had to move to live with my parents because I can’t take care of myself and he was very rude and unhelpful and said that he would not cancel it or give me a refund

Review about: Planet Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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how the heck are they supposed to know your circumstance over the telephone or email. haven't you heard that 90% people LIE to avoid legal responsibility .

cable bills, energy bills, etc, won't let you off, you have an agreement with them just like planet fitness.

PROVE IT or have someone deliver your letter or mail it in, use a freekin Forever Stamp, or send it certified for REAL PROOF. The ppl you moved in with have a life and are there to help you. and if they suck, you should have at least 1 friend whovcan mail a letter for you.

SERIOUSLY. Screw your alleged wheel chair.

you CRY, I DISBELIEVE IMMEDIATELY at your attempt for sympathy points. your sentence of 'feel sorry for me" means absolutely NOTHING in the mind reading world. get it yet?

and if it's really true, you have my sympathy, truly, for your circumstance,

but sympathy does not eliminate responsibility. it NEVER HAS WITH ANYONE!

been there, done that, played the boo boo woe is me card, and no one wants to hear it, PERIOD! grow up! I've seen paraplegics at PF who put ME to shame. they instead inspire me to be a better me.

work on being an inspiration instead of a $20 victim. Be responsible! for once! be an overcome, an inspiration, a Victor.

Now that's respect! Stuff happens to everyone. what makes you SO special that you get a pass? Never mind, that wasn't a question.

it's really for ppl who read this to think that we are all supposed to be equal. but YOU, the snowflake who wants special treatment drives prices up for everyone else, creating VAST inequality and HIGH resentment over a sentence we are all supposed to take your WORD for...

no proof, only an attempted transparent excuse and a rant that is the same as the guy who holds up a HUNGRY sign at the stop light, collects money but refuses job offers because he is a LAZY SOB who preys on the kindness if strangers. BOTH OF YOU MAKE ME SICK!


you recently got sick, became disabled and moved out of your apartment. while moving out there are things that have to be done, things to close, bills to pay.

since those bills have to be addressed and closed, pf was forgotten. your move, though its possible that it happened overnight, could not have possibly come without consequences.

I'm amazed when ppl cry disability and think that they are preaching smart to stup!d ppl.

you could have written a note as well and your parent could have driven to the pf to cancel.


Well, I’m sorry about your disability but you did sign off on an agreement that clearly states cancellation must be by letter or in the club. So unless your arms are not working, you can write a letter and send it through the mail stating you want to cancel it.

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