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Ever since I joined Planet Fitness I was always approached by staff and Manager, Joshua Gass, and asked if I was training people. I responded, "No, I am just showing my friends the proper form." They say that you can have a guess for free or a "Buddy system" if you have the Black card.

On, 4/16/2013, I was asked to leave Planet Fitness by the manager because he thought that I was training my Black Card guess. Listen, did I mention that I applied for a job there as personal trainer. Therefore, from the beginning, I was targeted because of my credentials. It says nothing in the contract about not showing your friends the proper form when working out together.

I have seen personally people use the buddy system and a man was showing a woman how to work out, but he wasn't a PFT. Since the staff knew that I was a Master Fitness Trainer, they assumed that I was getting paid when I brought a friend with me.

Planet Fitness Trainers are a joke!!!!!! They have a high turn over rate for employees and the fitness trainers were wearing cowboy boots and have a gut! When asked the "Trainers" about skin caliper devices, BMR calculations, the different types of Metabolisms and ROM, they couldn't tell me.

People if you have a gym and majority of their equipment are stationary, it will harm your full range of motion for you muscles because it's on a fixed axis. You are not robots so why workout with machines that train your muscles like your a machine.

My point is that because of my credentials, I was targeted and approached unprofessionally by management and staff. They could have talked to me in there office and not in front of customers and staff. My God, I felt like I was caught stealing a candy bar from the store.

Very unprofessional!!!!!

I have been to the Planet Fitness gym in Cincinnati and it seems that everyone is training everyone!!!! Not if you are a Master Fitness Trainer and if you applied for a job there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Planet Fitness Personal Trainer.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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Planet fitness worse gym ever unprofessional staff and does not care about customers


I train in the mornings at the overland, mo. location and without fail the music volume up way too high.

I can't hold a conversation without standing uncomfortably close to the other person. Please especially in the mornings turn the volume down just a bit. The music itself is of very low quality and not motivational. Refuse to wear music attachments.

Not my thing. Thank You for your ear C McCarthy.

Memphis, Tennessee, United States #1263102

So let me get this straight...You've commented about how horrible the trainers are and the gym, but yet you decide to apply there anyway? You also mentioned your "credentials", that doesn't mean a darn thing to them.

It's seems as if you were butt hurt because they refused to hire an ignorant person like yourself. Yes, the machines are not exactly for the experts like yourself but they do serve a purpose for a different clientele.

Stay away from the gym if you don't like it buddy. It makes you look bad when you complain about something when you know exactly who they're trying to market towards.

to Anonymous #1423541

Anonymous you sound so ignorant I can't believe you would even comment. I can go on about all the stupidity that comes out of your mouth.

I could waste hours a day talking to people who reply with such arrogance. I've already wasted enough time on you.

C Mcarthy it is my believe the gym should state the simple terms for Blackard. If you have ever worked as a professional trainer or are involved in any organized sports coach or player please acknowledge this with our staff.

Because I regret to inform you with these credentials we cannot sell you a black card membership. Here at so-and-so fitness we have personal trainers that work for our team and we promote them to our customers. If you decide to become a member we cannot stop you from training in our gym your clients will just have to be members as well. As for the clients of a freelance trainer they too cannot obtain a black card membership for reasons explained above.

We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you as a new member.

This would promote the need for qualified staff and give the members of the gym what one should expect Of the personal trainer. It is a legality issue that could bite pf in the *** and cost them and be a out if their is a term on membership association.

I to C MCarthy belive this policy to be complete BS.

I to experience this negative act with this gym in a diffrent fashion. I never applied but was approached as a freelance by staff and booted.

to Anonymous #1498763

This person didn't read the complaint, or does not understand the complaint.


For God Sake you people are all ***.

Moline, Illinois, United States #1091845

Umm, no. It wasn't your imaginary "credentials"...

You were repeatedly warned to stop soliciting other members to take you on as a trainer..

The straw that broke the camels back? When you took a deuce & didn't flush...

to Anonymous #1424385

He was teaching his friends proper form. How exactly is hat soliciting customers?


same thing happened to a neighbor of mine who trained at Golds gym. This guy was/is buff, eats right, works out regularly and was training with his wife.

He was actually helping his wife by spotting her as she did bench presses.

The staff at Gold's approached him and accused him of being a trainer and asked him to leave as well. The way I see it, if you paid your membership and there is nothing they can prove regarding violations of member policy, then they need to back off of issue you a refund of your membership cost to cancel your membership so you can go somewhere that understands actual gym membership policies versus rendering inaccurate accusations on customers.

to Anonymous #1091846

Nope, it's THEIR business. They can monitor it as they choose.

To those who are still whining and crying? LMFAO, get some dignity and follow the simple code of contact you agreed to when joining.

to Anonymous Springfield, Illinois, United States #1102419

So the guy isn't allowed to spot his wife? Alright, bud. Sounds like the kind of gym with customers just beating down the door to join.

Hiram, Maine, United States #708254

Planet Fitness is for first time gym users, not seasoned veterans. And just so you know TRAINING is, but not limited to leading, demonstrating, showing, rep counting, etc...

So you showing your friend's proper technique is actually in a form, training.

You are probably just mad that you got caught training at a facility where you didnt have to sub contract and lost pay. :grin

to anonymous #1000658

Your a rude individual!


Guess privileges?


to Jodie Elizabethtown, Kentucky, United States #1165912

Guess privileges is a slip of the pen. Try "guest" privileges and it fits the context.


Only clueless people workout at Planet Fitness. They also mock the hardcore community. Anyone who knows anything about strength training knows machines are one of the worst ways to train, especially for a beginner it will jack your body up.

to Heartless Baltimore, Maryland, United States #918969

Which word of "general fitness" do you not understand? Total lunk id!ots who can't that thru their over used protein muscle milked pea brains, that it's the attitude and ego that does not belong at Planet Fitness.

Leave THAT at the door and you'll be fine. If you want to bring it inside, then PF is not for you.


to Anonymous Flushing, Michigan, United States #937839

Wow, what a scathing and angry comment, not to mention judgemental. Thanks for persuading me to go somewhere else with your arrogant, rude attitude. Maybe you should understand that trainers have to go through schooling to get where they are just like anyone else.

to Anonymous Zanesville, Ohio, United States #954152

"protein muscle milked pea brains" I bet you wouldn't say that to a "Lunk's" face. Spineless internet troll.

Enjoy your pizza and tootsie rolls with your workout in a total judgmental judgement free zone. Planet Fitness Hypocrites. What kind of person is intimidated by how a person workouts?

Jealous maybe.....probably. The new slogan should be we cater to people who are afraid to lift weights and are scared of people who lift over 100 lbs.

to Fueled by Rage #989914

You are a blatant lunk. It has everything to do with attitude and ego.

Re-read your post. "Jealous maybe.....probably" is what a lunk would a say. "Enjoy your pizza and tootsie rolls" is another. You just don't get it and probably never will understand what GENERAL FITNESS means.

Planet Fitness is NOT and Never was A Hardcore gym. It's not for you.

Get over it and find a place where you belong. BUT, if you leave your EGO at the door, you are most certainly welcome inside, and with a smile.

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