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June 6th Bank and I disputed the 39.00 and typed up letters and I signed them.I went in today june 12th.

To give the letters. The guy behind counter refused to cancel it and take my papers. He said that I had a balance of 39. I told him that I disputed the charges and that I wanted it canceled.

He told me NO he was not canceling it and that he was taking the papers and shredding them.I want this canceled please.

Review about: Planet Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

I didn't like: Staff members and the manger, No one follows thru.

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if u did not cancel your membership May 25 or prior, you are responsible for the $39 charge.I'm positive that your Agreement has your signature agreeing to it.

you can dispute it all you want but you still owe it. once you pay, then you can cancel. AND BTW, you will be billed again June 17 All because u did not take care if this prior to June 10. Check your Agreement.

it's clearly spelled 10 year old gets it!

to Anonymous #1339252

I don't think you are a customer (the one who comments above). Don't bully your customer this way! It doesn't help!

to Anonymous Guilford, Connecticut, United States #1339885

Clearly an employee of planet fitness. The staff at planet fitness or me a robot they don't care about the individual I just want to take your money no matter what circumstance

to Anonymous #1340178

I am a contract law student actually, and yes, i worked for planet fitness a few years was actually quite a positive experience while in college.

i find it facinating how people don't think it's fair to AGREE to terms, that they actually feel it is ok to break terms because the "customer is aleays right"....Baloney!

to Anonymous Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany #1340350

And I own one

to Anonymous #1340352

Is it OK to lie and not be helpful when a customer asked for the owners name or number for corporate number and not help them as manager I feel you should be more accommodating

to Anonymous Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1345875

this has to do with Agreements and dates.letting anyone off their signed and agreed to Agreement is what many feel is customer service.

I'm sorry to burst your bubble but responsibility does not work that way.

There are many people who sign up with good intentions to use the club. 2 years later, they never set foot into the club. suddenly they want all their money back and they cry foul at bad customer service.

i pay car insurance.

if in 2 years i don't have an accident or need them, can I reasonably expect my money back? NO!

i pay a monthly cable bill for 24/7 access. if in 2 years I've only done cable show watching for a fraction of 24/7, can I reasonably expect my money back? NO!

same with phone and AAA.

i didn't use my AAA service in 4 years, i didn't need a tow or roadside assistance, so guess what, do i get a rebate for a service i paid for but never used? NO ! Of course not. But heck, a gym MEMBERSHIP , that's somehow different.

Sorry but NO, Same principle. so guess what, you have a balance based on what YOU agreed to. pay it and then go start a lemonade stand somewhere.

learn how to trade money, learn how to abide by an agreement.look in the mirror and learn, perhaps it's you demanding to be special or extra special who needs validation to cover up that you really have no clue on how to balance money.

to Anonymous Guilford, Connecticut, United States #1339886

Why is this person anonymous.Obviously an employee or owner.

Matt M.Guilford Connecticut

to Anonymous #1340620

"is it OK to lie and not be helpful when a customer asked for the owners name" THIS is often confidential info and many management do not even know.

"or corporate number" we honestly do not have that info. All communication is via email or contact link on their website .

"I feel you should be more accommodating" what you feel is irrelevant.

to Anonymous Guilford, Connecticut, United States #1340346

This person is clearly an owner or an employee of planet fitness all robots here had the same problem in Guilford Connecticut they know your name when they want your money but won't help you when you want to freeze your account when you're having surgery.I tried to freeze my account on May 26 2017 and the manager told me was too late I was already charged.

I asked for the corporate number and she stated there was not only an email address. I then asked the manager Christine k. For one of the owners phone numbers she stated there were no phone numbers and that she didn't know how to contact them this was a lie . So I called 4 other planet fitness Store locations and finally got a number to an accounting office in East Haven Connecticut .

I explained my situation with the person in accounting office who said that she would credit my account and she needed a doctors note I mean we called my doctor they had no problem giving a note however they would not be able to fax it without written permission . I am mediately called back East Haven and told him my problem at this time they said that they absolutely need a doctors note and there's nothing else they can do so I called my bag and put it in dispute . For those local people on the shoreline in Connecticut please review the reviews on the Guilford store and the manager there Christine K.

I no longer want to be a customer of planet fitness after eight years and being treated this way .I started...

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