I joined planet fitness on 9/4/11 and cancelled 9/13/11, and was charged a $58 cancellation fee for 9 days what a rip of, I think they should of allowed me to use the two weeks trial offer that is going around and then if I liked the gym they would then charge me for the cancellation. they are also going to bill me, (the nerve the $20) monthly fee in addition to the $58 cancellation fee for 9 days of service and I only went once. I think that they are a rip off and I have nothing but negative things to say about this club..oh and charge taxes on then monthly fee so it will be an extra $.05 cents on top of the $20 that I am being charged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You can't write a bad review about a place you probably visited once. It's your fault you decided to cancel. It's all in the contract you signed.


***, read the contract.


r e a d

t h e

c o n t r a c t

d u m b

d u m b

Fremont, California, United States #657556

Cancellation fees and the policy are clearly visible on the contract you signed.You signed for the membership in person and you must cancel in person, no big deal.

If you moved send proof of your address change, no big deal.

If you have problems then read your *** agreement.You signed up at a low end fitness facility so you get treated that way.

to chaz #1055773

okay that is not fun

that is bad for people that have kids and have no money


My wife and I have tried multiple times to cancel our memberships with them.They constantly tell us we have to come into their facility to cancel.

I told them I have not be able to make it in and I'd like to cancel over the phone. The refuse to allow us to do so. In the meantime they have billed us 3 months of dues for a service we have not used. It just so happened I received a call from the Manager (her name is Tina) at Planet Fitness today demanding I come down and pay them right now because our monthly dues were not able to be withdrawn from our account.

It turns out when we signed up we had given our debit CC number and the card has since expired. I told Tina of my desire to cancel and not only did she again demand I come down and pay she threatened me with litigation if I did not do so. She also told me the annual fee would then be charged to us and this would not stop. She said and I quote " I can keep going round and round and your bill will keep going up and up".

To say I was shocked and angered by her attitude was an understatement.I guess I'm forced to go down and cancel my membership before Tina extorts more money from me and my wife.


Anorhi is correct.Every customer is told at least once about the cancellation fee for Black Card Memberships.

We charged you $20.05 because the membership is actually $19.39 per month. Add in state taxes and it comes to $19.99. Add in state tanning tax that is required by most states and it comes to $20.05.

Had you stayed a member, you could have had a gym membership, personal trainer, massage chairs, tanning beds for only $20 a month.Your fault.

to Planet Fitness Worker #823522

*** your cheap *** gym


When you signed up you agreed to the charges as well as the cancellation fee.

Maybe you should actually read what you agree to net time.

to Anorhi #828545

Sit on an egg backwards you corporate hailing goon.

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