I love planet fitness and what it has to offer.however i am also a single mother who can only workout when have a babysitter. there are more like me who choose other gyms over planet due to no child services.

I went to a compettion who offered child care but did not like the big gym atmosphere. but i love to workout just limited due to my child. also in MS we need more child health programs that teach healthy habbits and exercise.

Please take this into consideration. It helps get children and parents more active and focused on health.

When single never realized the huge help and benefit of child asst in a gym. It is a crucial factor!

Thank you

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Monthly rates should Not have to go up for the people that are not using the child care service..just increase the cost to the ones that need it...I like and prefer planet fitness myself... I would go into the other gyms thinking of joining but its such an uncomfortable environment ..so while my child is young...I just work out at home..but I really miss planet fitness


This is a reply to a old comment but here it goes. I've been married, I've been a single mom.

My children are now grown. I work with kids. I can understand the need for childcare but you can't fault planet fitness for not having it. They are your children and your responsibility.

Planet fitness would have to raise there rates to accommodate childcare. I understand it's frustrating but they couldn't charge 10 dollars a month and watch your children.

Join with other single moms and share the childcare duties. I love planet fitness and their inexpensive rates.


They wont take it into consideration. Just find a different gym. There's a billion other gyms that offer child care, stop bugging the only one that doesn't.


They will just ripped off your money. They should print a copy of the contract and give every person who wants to join the membership a copy.

They do not tell you about the annual fee.

And when you try to cancel they refuse. Horrible horrible gym

to Ns #1508403

The annual fee is in your contract, it's not your fault you don't even read it. Which, may I add, gets e-mailed to you.

You can request a copy or take the one from your email. Take the proper steps, not their fault if you don't.

And they would only refuse to cancel you if you refused to pay for a buyout fee. Let's not leave out crucial details for the sake of making yourself a victim.


I am not a single mom... but I am a mom to two kids and I did actually leave planet fitness because of the lack of childcare.

It’s a shame because I really loved everything about going there and would love to be able to but I now work out at the YMCA... they have great facilities (but no tanning bed ). They even have scholarships for people who can’t afford it.

We just went to the Easter Egg Hunt and my son is now enrolled in sports there. It’s worth looking into.***Side note***To the commenters:If you feel the need to comment on anyone’s relationship status online you’re a horrible human being.

to Ashley #1461303

I lived being a member of the YMCA when we lived in PA. My monthly cost was about what I am paying for 2 black memberships now.

I really wish here in FL the YMCA was more affordable.

I do t qualify for the help because I make too much money which is a joke in itself.The YMCA is great. Good luck and the best to your son in sports.

to Ashley #1508404

Child care comes with more liability, higher training, higher paying, more staff, extra room, ect. Monthly rates would go up.

The point of planet fitness is to be cheap. Don't ruin it.


I guess you get what you pay for. Or they should have the option for customers to pay more money a month for child care.

to Anonymous #1508407

It wouldn't even work that way. The laws and liability that comes with taking care of children is crazy.

They'd need a separate area for the kids, trained people to take care of them, ect. Monthly rates would go up for everyone.

An 18 year old just getting a work out shouldn't have to help pay for a 40 year old daughters daycare. Think.


As a single parent I understand the issue but it’s no one else’s responsibility to provide childcare so you can work out. You can jog with your child in a stroller( I’ve seen people do it) or do Excercising at home on days when you don’t have have babysitter.

You knew what you were signing up for when you had a kid, Honestly you got a decent gym for what your paying monthly (10$, 20$) places with childcare facilities are bigger and more expensive. Pick and choose a battle hun.

to Anonymous #1446657

It is not unreasonable to ask a facility if they might consider adding a day care.... It would be more convenient to have a day care at any gym you join... And anyone who ACTUALLY HAS kids would understand.

to Candye #1508409

It is unreasonable when there's plenty of other places to go and get the childcare you want. You asked and were told no.

You really don't think they thought about the amenities they wanted to include BEFORE opening the gym up?

Childcare wasn't chosen for a reason. Move on and find somewhere that accommodates your needs.

to Anonymous #1487151

Nobody said it’s the gym’s responsibility. Parents wanting childcare fully expect to pay extra.

to Anonymous #1508411

Are you dense? Of course it's the gyms responsibly if the child care is IN THE GYM.

to Anonymous #1500307

Why dont you mind your own business, hun. Who are you to say anything about anyone or their kids?????

You are just a______ _______! Now put that in your pipe and smoke it jerk!

Didn't know what kind of can of worms you were opening up when you decided to post about other people's children. And what does having children have to do with gyms.

to Anonymous #1610112

“You knew what you were getting into when you had kids” This is a very ignorant statement and clearly from someone who doesn’t have children or understand that circumstances in life change for people all the time.


They keep the cost down to the consumer to not have to pay $40 or more a month, by not having to pay somone to watch children, have the extra space for children, extra insurance because children get hurt easily and people are sue happy.


I agree...I love to work out and I am also limited because I have kids.

to Anonymous #1508413

You realize you could take them on a walk outside with you or just go outside and play with them. It's a workout that's inclusive with your kids.

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