I love planet fitness and what it has to offer.however i am also a single mother who can only workout when have a babysitter. there are more like me who choose other gyms over planet due to no child services.

I went to a compettion who offered child care but did not like the big gym atmosphere. but i love to workout just limited due to my child. also in MS we need more child health programs that teach healthy habbits and exercise.

Please take this into consideration. It helps get children and parents more active and focused on health.

When single never realized the huge help and benefit of child asst in a gym. It is a crucial factor!

Thank you

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They will just ripped off your money. They should print a copy of the contract and give every person who wants to join the membership a copy.

They do not tell you about the annual fee.

And when you try to cancel they refuse. Horrible horrible gym


I am not a single mom... but I am a mom to two kids and I did actually leave planet fitness because of the lack of childcare.

It’s a shame because I really loved everything about going there and would love to be able to but I now work out at the YMCA... they have great facilities (but no tanning bed ). They even have scholarships for people who can’t afford it.

We just went to the Easter Egg Hunt and my son is now enrolled in sports there. It’s worth looking into.***Side note***To the commenters:If you feel the need to comment on anyone’s relationship status online you’re a horrible human being.

to Ashley #1461303

I lived being a member of the YMCA when we lived in PA. My monthly cost was about what I am paying for 2 black memberships now.

I really wish here in FL the YMCA was more affordable.

I do t qualify for the help because I make too much money which is a joke in itself.The YMCA is great. Good luck and the best to your son in sports.


I guess you get what you pay for. Or they should have the option for customers to pay more money a month for child care.


As a single parent I understand the issue but it’s no one else’s responsibility to provide childcare so you can work out. You can jog with your child in a stroller( I’ve seen people do it) or do Excercising at home on days when you don’t have have babysitter.

You knew what you were signing up for when you had a kid, Honestly you got a decent gym for what your paying monthly (10$, 20$) places with childcare facilities are bigger and more expensive. Pick and choose a battle hun.

to Anonymous #1446657

It is not unreasonable to ask a facility if they might consider adding a day care.... It would be more convenient to have a day care at any gym you join... And anyone who ACTUALLY HAS kids would understand.


They keep the cost down to the consumer to not have to pay $40 or more a month, by not having to pay somone to watch children, have the extra space for children, extra insurance because children get hurt easily and people are sue happy.


I agree...I love to work out and I am also limited because I have kids.

Sacramento, California, United States #1261596

I don't know about other states, but there are laws in California for Child care. In order to provide child care, you must have child development permits along with people who have the credentials to provide said care.

If Planet Fitness offered child care, we would be charged far more than $10 or $20 per month for our memberships.


I don't understand how come you cannot cancel your Planet Fitness over the phone

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #1215931

Yes, so true. It is a form of discrimination against women with children.

to Anonymous Saddle Brook, New Jersey, United States #1244742

This is not discrimination, some places don't have the time or a room to deal with babysitting services.

to Anonymous #1434950

Yes, yes, in today's society everything is either discriminatory, sexist or racist. Down with the patriarchy!

By the way, do you not really care about all those single dad's out there? Or does your own bigoted mind just assume that the only single parents out there are women?


I second this! - Single Mom in Ohio.


I understand the want of childcare at the gym, but is there really any need to be mad at a business for not providing a service that they do not claim nor advertise they provide? I can understand being mad if they claimed to have child care and then after you sign up not having it available, but really, all they are doing is hurting themselves.

Judging by all the comments, childcare would be appreciated and would certainly bring them more business, but they are perfectly within their rights to not provide the service so there is no reason to be pissed; just disappointed. I know one thing for sure, if I we're in the child care business I would open up right next to a planet fitness and make sure I wad open the same hours and it sounds like I would make a fortune!

to not mad but maybe disappointed #1121252

A Drop In childcare center nextdoor is perfect for their clients!!


I think that they should have a child program


Child care isn't always about being a single parent. My husband and I have conflicting schedules.

In orDer for us to both work and workout we need a gym that provides it, as do thousands of other parents. How did we go from working out to judging single parents?

to Anonymous #1360535

Some people just like to scream discrimination to further their own agenda... don't care how much it cheapens anyone else's cause that actually deal with discrimination, because hey...

free child care... right?


Gyms are places for adults, not children. I applaud Planet Fitness for having no child care.

The world of being a single mother is challenging. Welcome to it.

Those of us who choose not to have kids appreciate adult places without kids. My opinion would be entirely different if you were complaining about a park or a zoo.

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