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I enrolled my nephew and son in Planet Fitness in Westfield, MA. in December of 2010.

In May Of 2011, I called and cancelled both memberships as my nephew had moved and joined a different Planet Fitness. I was told I was all set. On October 1st , 2012, Planet Fitness, Westfield MA, took 58.00 from my checking account causing mee two 35.00 overdraft fees. When I looked into it I found that they have been taking 20.00 monthly from my account for the past year and a half since I cancelled.

When I went down to Planet Fitness to get them to credit my account back, they would not. The manager kept showing me my original agreement to pay when I took out the memberships in 2010. I told him both memberships had been cancelled in May of 2011. He said prove it!

He wanted me to show him a letter of cancellation which they never gave me. He then told me that the memberships were cancelled as of Oct 2nd, 2012. However, after I left the gym, I realized they still had not given me any paperwork confirming cancellation. I went back, yet again, and was given a piece of paper stating I had never cancelled the membership in 2011.....When I got home, I called the gym to make sure the memberships had indeed been cancelled.

The employee on the phone said my son's membership was STILL ACTIVE, and I would still be billed for it! I told him to please cancel it and STAY OUT OF MY BANK ACCOUNT! As far as I am concerned Planet Fitness has literally stolen 420.00 from my checking account over the past year and a half. They also cost me 70.00 in overdraft Fees.

Planet Fitness of westfield, MA owes me 490.00.

As far as I am concerned, I want my money back and I would never, under any circumstances, EVER deak with them again! Joanne

Product or Service Mentioned: Planet Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $490.

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There is one thing I've learned about Planet Fitness, Never give them your banking info. Once they get their hands in your account, it will take an act of God to get them to let go! Even after you've jumped through hoops to cancel your membership, and they tell you, "You're all set!", Don't believe them, ALWAYS check your bank statements carefully...Once they've gotten away with overcharging you, you'll never see a refund!


There is one thing I've learned about Planet Fitness, NEVER Give Them Your Banking Info! Once they get their hands in your account, It will take an Act Of God to get the to stop! They'llcome up with every excuse that you didn't jump through hoops to cancel, even when they tell you, "You're all st!", Don't believe them, Always check our account to make sure they've let go!


No, I didn't notice, and should have scrutinized my bank statements better. I do have several monthly deductions for 10.00, and the amount didn't red flag me....

It wasn't untill they tried to take 29.00 twice in one day that I actually took notice.....My bad. :upset


If you didn't notice for 18 months that they keep drafting money from your account, you are doing something terribly wrong. Blaming this on PlanetFitness is just downright wrong. You should start looking over your checking account at least weekly so you can be sure that everything is in order - ever heard of identity theft???

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