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i can't believe how filthy this company allows their facility get! the batrooms especially no paper towels it smells like a sewer!

Half of the treadmills are out of order with no signs saying they are. i joined a gym last year at the park district i can;t believe how clean it was! planet fitness should be ashamed of themselves! no wonder it's so cheap.

i'm thinking of joining the park district again the only reason i didn't join the park district this year is because planet fitness was only $99! no wonder! i don't recommend anybody joining planet fitness! one more thing they have tv's for us to watch while we're on the treadmills the only thing about it is they have infomercials.

what good is that?


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Wow, the Planet Fitness here in central Maine is awesome... always clean, people are great, equipment all works, TVs have news, sports, MTV, etc.

Sounds like your location is just lousy. :(

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