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my fiance is a black card member,I Thomas Martinez had both knees total replacement 8/15/2012 after working on bicycle & treadmill went to use massage bed & it wouldn't work so Kim Richie went to counter to get working.This Mike Cash came into room & asked are you black card holder Kim said yes Mike cash said its only for you to use Kim,as i was trying to get up off the bed I used my right arm to move the monitor out of my way, Mike cash started harassing Kim about me using the machine & she don't need to be treated like a child from this person.I also have bulging disk in my back from l-1 to l-6 I am Disabled & told mike cash that,as we were walking back to men's changing room I said to Kim Richie He's a *** hole behold to us he was following us & herd what I said & then stated Sir you cant come back here,I went to locker got my Cain & coat and as we were leaving I told there is laws for people with disability's,it's called the disabilities act & its against the law to Discriminate against me.. So I will be Contacting People with disability act council to file a legal complaint against Mike Cash @ planet fitness @5142 Highland Rd, Waterford,MI 48328,

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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If you call someone an *** (and btw, PF has an anti-swearing policy that says you can be banned) than that's your problem. It's not discrimination. If you hadn't broken their policies, then it would have been.


You sir were not discriminated against. When a company has a policy that is enforced to all patrons, then it becomes normal practice.

If they did not have this policy and they allowed other guests to use it but not you, than yes you would have a complaint. Speaking as a person that has a disability, Muscular Dystrophy, you were looking for a fight. When you called him an ***hole, he had every right to tell you that you had to leave and could not come back. I empathize with you, but don't feel for you.

Go somewhere else and try reading the policies and follow the rules.

The person that took you there was just as at fault as you. Get over it!!


They weren't discriminating against you for being disabled, you just didn't have the black card, you were the guest. Sounds like you have a giant chip on your shoulder.

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #637707

Your claim of a monetary loss of $5000 is absolutely ridiculous! I am sorry you are disabled, but you should know better than to try and go to a fitness club as a guest of a paying member and expect to use the perks like the hydro massage bed for free.

No one else who is not a black card holder gets to do so.

Why do you think you should be allowed to? Pay your $20 and then you can use it all you want!

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #637706

The thing is, disabled person, you are NOT a black card holder at Planet Fitness. Your fiancée is, but that does not give you the right to use the hydromassage bed and you should not have been on it.

They are VERY clear about only black card holding members using those things. I doubt that the employee was harassing your fiancée...he was probably trying to explain to her and to you that you can't use the bed since you did not pay to use it. He was within his rights. You were not, and then you called him a name.

Your disability and the laws for disabled people do not apply to you. You were NOT discriminated against. All you were trying to do was use the equipment without paying to use it. I have the black card membership.

My boyfriend does not, and he certainly does not expect to use anything other than the exercise machines. You won't get anywhere with your complaints.

Clifton, New Jersey, United States #636128

The massage and tanning are only for the actual member. Everyone knows that. :?

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