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I finished a hour workout and walked over to sign in for tanning both employees were counting down there cash drawers.Both employees saw me walk over to sign in.

I waited patiently while they finished counting. Well the very heavy set woman with glasses slammed down her pen and walked over and rudely said "what do you need" i told her tanning and i wanted the full time which i know is 9 minutes. She proceeds to hand me my number and set the bed. I got undressed and got in only to have the bed stop at 2 minutes.

I get dressed and go tell her and she said "oh i thought i set it at 12 minutes". I know they are 9 min. Limits because i go everyday. This has been the first time she has treated me like this.

But she always has a slight attitude like everyone bothers her. I am a new member (1st) month. This is very discouraging and makes me want to find somewhere new. I always go at night and she seems to be there every night.

Everyone else is great just not her. I am very disappointed about this. You really dont need people like that working for planet fitness. I am sure i am not the only one.

When i was walking out she just had the ugliest look on her face sacrasticly telling me to have a good night.

She did this on purpose and i would be very upset if something isnt done about this situation.If she has done it to one person, she will also do it to othere


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If everyone else seems to be okay, then I would definitely put in a personal complaint to planetfitness.com. Look for the contact us link and reiterate your issue with corporate. I wish you the best!

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