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Planet Fitness has a headgear dresscode that is mostly directed to and works solely AGAINST a certain group of people.Ethnic People.

I am natural haired Black woman and my hair fro's up huge with sweat, in which I usually wear my Shpitzel in order to tame it during this activity. I was asked to leave today after being a member for four years because I refused to remove it. Supposedly head scarfs and wraps are in the category of possible gang-related bandannas. I was told this policy gears more towards the aspect of intimidation.

So while buff built guys can work out in fitted caps and look COOL (Oh and non-intimidating), I have to simply look CRAZY because my stylish head wrap is too intimidating. I believe if all cultures wore these particular headgears (wraps, scarfs, and due-rags) this wouldn't be an issue. But since due-rags that are, undoubtedly, NON-GANG-RELATED but more EXCLUSIVELY BLACK-RELATED, and headwraps, scarfs, kufi's, Patka's, Shptizel's, and so on are more catered to the ethnic crowd, this isn't recognized as an innocent head piece, or even appreciated, for that matter.

PF has a high number of ethnic members that helps keep their business in BUSINESS.So if they wish to stay in business, at least with a good name, that preposterous discriminating rule needs to be exempt from, or negotiated within their dress code policy.


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Hialeah, Florida, United States #1338489

Today they did not let me in.I came from work.

I was wearing jeans.

What are you ***?What is the bullying?

Detroit, Michigan, United States #769072

Green is the only color they should see! :x


Do you all understand, she's referring to a headband?not a scarf, hat, or du-rag.

this is a headband, to keep her hair (which happens to be in a natural fro) out of her face. So, not only does this woman think it is about race, but also her gender. I have read other reviews of women being asked to *** their "head gear", when with picture shown it is a band designed to keep their hair out of their face. The shorter hairs that do not make it into your ponytail holder.

I go to PF and being of Asian decent I have long hair and wear a tight fitting headband so the loose hairs don't fall in my face. Any woman can tell you how annoying it is to be sweating for one and then to have your hair sweaty AND sticking to your face. It's quite a disgusting feeling.

I am more than shocked and appalled by the comments I'm reading here telling this woman to stop complaining.

I too understand where she is coming from.And if PF ever told me to take my "head gear" off, I'm more than confident you'll be reading another one of these blogs but written by myself.


Hate it when someone has to obey rules like everyone else, but the moment YOU personally are asked to follow them, it's suddenly a race thing. Is ALL black people tought to pull the race card everytime a rule isn't built around you ?


:roll well that ain't fair

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #737305

Everyone on this page is jacked in the head rules are rules and yes some discriminate while others protect its all about trust and by the looks of things that one constant that isn't around is trust one person will make a stink big enough so mower have to make rules to banish that type of behavior and before long every type is banned so learn to trust go with your gut rarely is it wrong or just pull your heads out of your *** and grow up if you think your right then stand your ground but if your just kissing and moaning just to be that way well then I feel sorry for you life is to short to be angry about *** people so join another gym there everywhere and all links aren't half bad they are just onto getting bigger so enjoy what ever it is your doing


Poster, can you whine a little more please?You can have black history month and black people meet.com but WHITE people are all the sudden racist and discriminating if your asked to remove your headband.

Read the rules, they are posted on the walls.

Your stereotyping yourself.YOU'RE :grin :grin RACIST


hello everyone just call PF.i was told by management they have now changed their rules and you can now wear what ever head gear you want to.they also said that the only thing you cant wear there are jeans and shoes that are not gym shoes.


My husband is caucasian and was wearing a beanie and was asked to remove it or leave. I think it's just a strict policy that has nothing to do with race or ethnicity.

Parkersburg, West Virginia, United States #615907

Sorry but in my recent situation it does have to do with gangs.I was asked to remove my toboggin today due to gym policies.

Which the employee should have stopped there but he couldnt, he then procedes to tell me why its a policy and in his exact words he informed me it was due to gang violence in New York. I can respect and obey policies until ignorant people try to explain a toboggin as a gang symbol.

Just for the record I'm white and live in West Virginia( apperantly home of the toboggin gangs).I hope a new gang doesnt develope and start using the under armour logo to represent themselves..

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