Today February 2nd 2018, I visited planet fitness at 1100 Wayne avenue, silver spring, MD. I had checked in with my black card and I was exercising when a staff member named Ingrid approached me that I am not allowed to exercise because I was not wearing the regular sports shoes.

I had worn the Body Glove 3T Warrior Shoes - Minimalist, Amphibious (For Men) on this day because I am a patient undergoing rehabilitation from the leg injuries I sustained in an accident about two months ago. I tried to explain to Ingrid that I had worn the shoe under medical advisement. Anyone who googles this shoe can notice its typical flat sole and the fact that it covers the entire foot. My doctor had recommended this shoe because it allows my legs to maintain the natural skeletal arch of my feet while my muscles regain strength.

Such a result was impossible to obtain with my regular sports shoes which by virtue of their design constantly alters the skeletal arch of my feet. This staff member turned deaf ears and called a second staff member named paradise who was rude and verbally abusive to me. She then threatened to throw me out if I did not leave the planet fitness premise immediately. I was utterly embarrassed.

I had never felt so low in my life. I refused to leave the fitness because I had been a black card member of planet fitness for months. Far much longer than this particular planet fitness branch or the staff in it. I have never been abused or told by anyone in the many branches of planet fitness that I had been and I had worn this shoe to walk out or else be thrown out by the cops.

Paradise ultimately made true her promise a few minutes later by calling the cops. She lied to them that I was trespassing on planet fitness property and the police officer paid no attention to what I had to say. He basically issued me a trespass notification form which I refused to sign. I told the police officer that I believe a decision to prohibit any customer from a company is beyond the powers of a help desk staff.

He then enforced it anyways and told me it is a one year notice and I will be arrested if I ever visit the premises in question within 1 year. I was basically embarrassed and disgraced for no reason at this planet fitness. Prior to them inviting the police, I asked to speak to their supervisor, manager or the head office during our disagreement but they wouldn’t even give me this chance. I believed they felt powerful and these two staff members in particular felt the need to show me how much power they have over customers.

I have never seen or heard anyone issued a customer a trespass notification until I met this two staff members of planet fitness and I refuse to let this embarrassment slide until something is done about this. I have attached a photograph of the police trespass notification form to this page as evidence and I will continue to tell my story and do this in as many planet fitness reviews until someone in planet fitness tells me why this behavior is appropriate.

Product or Service Mentioned: Planet Fitness Black Card Membership.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: 1100 Wayne Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20910, USA

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Planet fitness is garbage, join CrossFit.


I just looked up the shoes. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing that footwear at Planet fitness.


Planet Fitness is definitely not a place you or anyone needs to patronize. Time to cancel any membership with them and find a better place, one that doesn't hire staff with no common sense.

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