I go to planet fitness in the early am hours. I have noticed a incline in garbage all over the gym.

There were 5 water bottles and a bunch of paper towels laying all over the floor. It's a problem that is not being taken care of. The locker room floor is also a big problem area. When you go to wash your hands there's never any soap, always empty.

I guess like anything else you get what you pay for.

My last gym was triple the price but spotless all the time. All I sakis that you clean up the place and ill stay.

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:eek Now days, it's hard to find good workers. The workers are probably texting their friends.
to Harley chix Midland, Michigan, United States #639065

We have Rude Employees at the Midland Mi PF, as well. I was cleaning one night, and watched 3 Stall people at the front desk gather around the computer, they were laughing and carrying on, when I walked up to the desk they said Look at this, so and so one of our members is her on the Michigan Department of Corrections list for doing Creepy things to children, so then another member said, hey look up Mr.XXX lets see who else is wanted.

A female member had been working out and walked up to the front desk to ask if they were making fun of her, I felt bad for the lady! I talked to my afternoon Shift Leader about this and he told me ( Everyone has a right to know , who the Child Molesters are..) Really!!!!

Maybe so, but at a work place! If they were my employees they would be looking for a new job.

to cathyschaar1 #879568

"If they were my employees they would be looking for a new job."


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