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I am a black card member which allows me to bring a guest.My wife comes as my guest.

The planet fitness in Rocky Mount NC just got new message beds. When my wife and I went to use the beds, we were told that I was the only one who could use the beds, but my wife couldnt. Now I am paying 20.01 a month for a black card and my guest cannot use the message beds? Thinking about going to the YMCA.

When I asked the manager for the number to corporate she told me she didnt have it. What sense does that make? They said my wife could use the message chairs but not the beds.

I feel like they should have a husband and wife plan anyway.

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What is a message bed?Is that a place to lay down and type texts?

That seems unnecessary to me.

Try a massage bed instead.They feel great, no phone required.


It's stated everywhere that black card privileges are for black card holders and that guests are ineligible


Personal accountability is really rare these days.It states in plain English near the massage and tanning areas that these perks are for card hold black card members only.

Also in the contract you signed.Don't complain that you have a budget gym membership you didn't bother reading the rules for before you signed their contract.


The YMCA does not have tanning or massage and it costs alot more..so switching to the Y because your wife cat use the massage chair makes 0 sense.

If she also became a black card member you would still pay less than a Y membership.Problem solved


You pay for a black card but there is never a personal trainer available in your gas can only be there when you are there and they cannot use all of the equipment you get charged a annual fee for equipment upkeep

to Debra 07 #1434450

No actually you pay the annual fee to maintain your monthly payment amount. Aside from that, most gyms have maintenance fees. Also, even after 12 months of monthly fees + $43 per year, you still pay less than a years membership at any other gym.

Los Angeles, California, United States #1335740

it says plain and simple, bring one guest, but your guest is not able to use the black card perks. dumbs

to Anonymous #1382624

It says, plain and simple - "Bring one guest". However, your guest is not able to use the Black Card perks; how dumb. *

to Grammar nazzi #1432155

Read your contract before complaining about something you literally signed up for.

to Anonymous #1430852

Why the **** are you going anonymous? Who are you and what are you trying to hide?


To many cry babies on here !! Ugh!!

to Melie #1382623

Too many babies cry on here. Ugh!*

to Grammar nazzi #1465051

Somebody's salty lmao


Guests have always been limited to the gym area. Tanning, chairs, and hydromassage is for paid black card members only. Its never been any other way.


It says the guests have access to work out equipment.And as someone who works in customer service, we really don't have the number to cooperate.

The person working the front counter can't help the policies.I think you should get over it..


Sounds like your trying to get something for free.$20.00 a month for two people to work out sound like a good deal.

They do have a husband and wife plan its called pay ten bucks each.Dig in your pockets and pay the extra if you want to use the extras...t-rex!

to Anonymous Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #1323961

No.Two 10 dollar memberships will not allow any perks.

They would both need to get 20 dollar memberships to use the massage beds etc..The massage beds are nice but they only allow 10 minutes on them just to let you know.

Maricopa, Arizona, United States #1265672

Planet Fitness lists on their website and in their black card agreement that while the member has guest privileges (i.e., they can bring one guest with them for no charge), the guest only has access to the fitness equipment; they don't get any of the black card benefits.

Really, if you want a couples plan you can buy a second black card membership and you'll be paying less than what you'd pay at another gym for a family membership (without factoring in limited time offers and stuff); you'll pay $40 a month ($20 per card) at Planet Fitness versus $30-40 a month plus an additional $20-30 at 24 Hour, LA, or Anytime Fitness, for a total of $60-70.

to Anonymous #1412614

Yeah plus a 39 dollar a year mebership fee

Naples, Florida, United States #1263802

The beds are for members, not guests. The sign on the room states this in plain English.

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