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I am a black card member which allows me to bring a guest. My wife comes as my guest.

The planet fitness in Rocky Mount NC just got new message beds. When my wife and I went to use the beds, we were told that I was the only one who could use the beds, but my wife couldnt. Now I am paying 20.01 a month for a black card and my guest cannot use the message beds? Thinking about going to the YMCA.

When I asked the manager for the number to corporate she told me she didnt have it. What sense does that make? They said my wife could use the message chairs but not the beds.

I feel like they should have a husband and wife plan anyway.

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I was told when I signed up that my guest could use the massage beds once and only once. and so I took my boyfriend with me and the person who signed us up for the black card let him through.

however when my boyfriends mom used her black card and brought her friend met with a different worker, her guest was mpt allowed to use the bed at all even though no other guest on her card used the beds. Wtf?


Reminds me of the quote from the Movie Stand by Me - "Maybe a more experienced shopper could have done more with your eleven cents.". Dude it's twenty bucks, show your wife she's worth it and get her a membership too.


We were told at the Graham NC PF we both would have same privileges on the tour, months later were that I could not tan using husband plan but could use massage equipment, month later told I only use exercise equipment. Definitely a bait and switch operation, always read contract.

They should honor verbal statements made by their employees. Would not recommend !


I feel your spouse should be entitled to use massage chairs also 5 years a member I'm out to find a better facility see you planet fitness

to Anonymous #1521240

Omg it’s $20 a month!! That’s it.

Buy a second membership. It’s actually a really good deal compared to the YMCA charging $50 with no hydro massage bed


Comment: life is ruff! question: would you like some cheese with your whine?

to Anonymous #1517633

If you are going to comment then leave some intelligent input, not useless garbage.


It is stated in the contact that guests can not use Black Card exclusives


You want a lot for those $20 p/m. You're making such a big deal about the amenities policy, how about you ask before signing up, YOU signed up for that gym, YOU agreed to the terms and conditions of the contract. No one forced you to join, if that's their policy then accept it or go pay a lot more somewhere else that let's you do that.


Actually in some ways I agree. My wife would only go as a guest about 3 to 4 times per year. Maybe a 2 free pass guest perk deal for black card members, may convince the significant other to join, just sayin

to Jamberham #1546434

To me it's more of you have a guest with you and you're expected to keep your guest by your side. But if you want to go tan then you need to ask them to leave.

If you want to go get a massage y ou have to ask them to leave.

It's not like you can go tan they can work out... and if you ride together it's just silly.


It is stated clearly that guests cant use the tanning beds or massage units. However, I feel like this should be changed. How fun is it to enjoy knowing that your guest is just waiting on u to tan or finish a massage?

to Annonymous #1478405

Tell them to get their own membership then ..

to Anonymous #1505565

This anonymous clown works for planet fitness or never had a significant other


It would be a great addition to have a bed where you can have a massage while sending messages. :D


All of this info is provided when you signed up for a black card


What is a message bed? Is that a place to lay down and type texts?

That seems unnecessary to me.

Try a massage bed instead. They feel great, no phone required.

to edward #1496116

good one!


It's stated everywhere that black card privileges are for black card holders and that guests are ineligible


Personal accountability is really rare these days. It states in plain English near the massage and tanning areas that these perks are for card hold black card members only.

Also in the contract you signed. Don't complain that you have a budget gym membership you didn't bother reading the rules for before you signed their contract.

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