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I keep having issues with one of your female employees that you have working for your PF company, i just got out from the gym just now and my lil dinky car was full of thrown eggs and I KNOW its all coming back from her, some guys at the gym told me.. "Chuy some girls rolled up and threw eggs at your car bro." now with that being said I have bad history with one of your employees ive been IGNORING and IGNORING and IGNORING her since day 1 and it *** her off cuz i shine her off cuz I simply come in to LIFT and then DIP, i have photos of her sending me {{Redacted}} and she told me shes looking only for "company" and that is eaxactly why I swerved her cuz shes the *** type and I dont want her, so since Im on something more REAL and MATURE she's taking it out on my car and having her lil friends throw eggs at my car, she even shows up at my job sometimes just to STARE AT ME AND MEAN MUG ME, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH I KNOW ITS COMING FROM ONE OF YOUR EMPLOYESS AND ILL BE THEIR FIRST THING TOMORROW TO ADDRESS THIS ISSUE.

Product or Service Mentioned: Planet Fitness Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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She hasn't done anything to physically harm you and you don't have factual evidence that she damaged your car. I would start taking video of her creeping on you and all that so that you could get enough evidence to get a restraining order or something.


Yep, a dash cam, then the police.


If you don’t have proof you make a fool of yourself. Get proof then confront. Buy a dash cam it works wonders.

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