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I signed up for a year membership. When the year ended I went in and cancelled the membership.

Signed the form for it anyway. They continued to take money. I did not have money in the account for them to take after the fact. Months later received a notice that I owe them $60 dollars.

Called and was told that I needed to come in and sign the cancellation form. AGAIN. Tried to look my membership up on the website and it cannot be found. Called my bank and stopped further payment.

This is legal for those of you in a similar situation. Went to the club that I signed up at. The manager(everyone there says they are the manager) refused to let me sign a cancellation form unless I paid off my existing balance.

This is illegal.

Product or Service Mentioned: Planet Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Binghamton, New York, United States #768707

You should of kept a copy of the cancellation form in your paperwork. This is your fault too even though they are wrong if you did indeed sign the form (an employee/manager has to sign as well when you cancel)

Columbia, Kentucky, United States #716911

Now you know why it is never a good idea to allow anyone to make auto withdrawals from your bank account. Now you know.


BTW....Planet Fitness.....aint looking so hot on this site....383 complaints - to date. Print them all off.....that will make for good court foder......let the manager know that too:-).....


Ask him why your membership is not in their computers? Seems to me like they took you off their client list?

If it were me, I would call your credit card company and report a compromised number/unauthorized billing....ask for a new number.....let him take you to court....burden of proof will be on him. I would however ask him formally in writing for a cancellation.....let him reply or blow you off.....either way you have tried to be proactive...


This is exactly why...I get copies of all transactions/documents. The next time you sign the form, ask the little pinheads for a copy...any reputable company will do that.

to LTCC #716892

The manager refuses to let me sign another form unless I pay the money.

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