I have been a memeber for a while and i have encountered numerous employees always staring at the bigger weight lifting guys, laughing and obviously making fun of them. Judgement Free zone you say???

The commercials are outright "judging and discriminating" against bigger men, yet they say it is in fact a "judgement free" zone. It looks like a law suit is on it's way if you ask me. Also, why are gallon water bottles not allowed???? The most ridiculous rule I have ever heard if you ask me.

I would rather spend 30 dollars a month and work out in a REAL judgment free zone!! Also, I am working out because of the pizza I ate, and dont need to be seeing it nor smelling it nor watching every employee eating it every month.

This gym is a JOKE.

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Newington, Connecticut, United States #960620

Been a member for around 6 months. Just noticed I was getting red bites on my ankles.

I think they may have fleas or lice in the lockers, or even possible out on the floor. Worried about using the lockers now.

Be cautious, they do keep the place very clean, but who knows about inside the lockers? I think I'll use the cleaner inside of them before putting my gym bag in, or else, just go in my gym clothes, leave in them (yeah, all sweaty) and shower at home without ever going into the locker room.


I find that the staff at all planet fitness's generally suck. But I don't go for the staff, I go to get in a quick workout.

It's no secret, planet fitness doesn't want meat heads, thats why I do some of my cardio at pf, but my weights at a different gym.

Idiots need to stop complaining "I was deadlifting 300lbs and some *** kicked me out" , well no ***, they don't allow deadlifting. You can't join a place that has rules that you know about very obviously up front, and then *** when you get called out not following the rules.


it's obvious to me that a competitor must have written this. Just sayin'.. :-)


Not all pf places are like that *** so dont bash just cause yours sucks

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