Signed up at Burlington, MA, and scheduled appointment for following day for instruction of gym equipment use. No one was able to meet me at scheduled appointment.

Was basically ignored and waited 20 minutes. No one helped. I left. No one called to apologize or reschedule appointment.

Tried to cancel my 3-day old membership on the phone. I was told my Erick that I had to come into the gym to cancel or send a certified letter to the gym. WHAT! An ordinary letter won't work?

How *** is this? What a crazy way to run a business.

Susan Perry

Review about: Planet Fitness Membership.

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Hagerstown, Indiana, United States #775524

Did you let the staff know that you had an appointment. If yes, then you have an issue.

Perhaps the instructor was running behind schedule. However, the cancellation policy is clearly stated in the agreement you signed, and in BOLD letters, that you can get a full refund without penalty within three business days of signing.

It pays to read, and the print is NOT tiny. It doesn't pay to rant about being ***!

to Perri G #786575

If you knew how to read properly, the person clearly suggested that he/she knew about the 3-day old membership policy. It just turned out the incompetent staff did not treat the cancellation appropriately. It pays to read the complaint, which is also NOT that tiny.

to watajoke Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #794689

Read for yourself, she tried to cancel over the phone. That's not the method of cancellation, it's in person or mail, preferably certified.

The 3 day refund would have been a piece of cake had the member followed procedure. The member apparently refused, therefore, no refund. I understood all the big words and the little ones too. I also know their definitions and legalities.

What was your problem. Aha, does not understand what "called" means.

Aha, does not understand "come in". OMG!

to Perri G Bloomington, Indiana, United States #786587

How much does PF pay you to come on here and white knight their company? I wouldn't put it past the CEO to be doing this, considering what a joke company they are.

to IG-88 #786734

pretty sad company indeed..

to IG-88 Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #794690

The joke is ppl who don't want to follow rules and want others to make exceptions. Real life does not work like that, so GROW UP kiddies, read and learn, ans maybe you'll actually be worth more than hot air.

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