When I joined I had been warned about our local gym in Greensboro. I was willing to give up my tank tops, but quickly realized that the gym allowed some members to wear the exact same tank I had asked about and was told that the tank was not acceptable.

The gym also had no problem when women went in literally hanging out of their tank top...which are ok for women by the way.

When working out on the Smith Machine the other day I found it to be stiff in it's operation. when I tried to safe the bar it banged and the gym set off their "lunk" alarm for people who drop weights. I told the staff that I was not happy. The manager began to chase me to another piece of equipment and got in my face and refused to leave me alone.

I contacted the owner who immediately told me that the gym was not for me or vice versa.

While my membership has been promised to be refunded the issue of a manager getting in the face of members was never really addressed. I will never cross that threshold again and will make sure all know about this gym.

Product or Service Mentioned: Planet Fitness Membership.

Location: Kernersville, North Carolina

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The staff is completely unprofessional and confrontational. The reason they are this way is because their "corporate" office does not do anything about this...they are allowed to behave this way without consequence.

So if you give a boy what he feels like is a little power and he has nobody who will tell him certain behavior is unprofessional, inappropriate and will not be tolerated...then he's going to bully and be rude. That's why most businesses have a check and balance on this type of thing...this company does not. They are blatantly rude and disrespectful...it takes you aback b/c it's not normal to encounter such blatant and outrageous behavior from even managers of these places.

I was a member for about 5 minutes...CANCELED.


I just wanted to express my diqust with your company and how hippocritical it is. Planet Fitness is supposedly a judgement free zone yet they make thier employees cover up any visible tattoos as if its a disgrace or not professional (A employee that works there with flames on his arm was made to cover his entire arm -and dont tell me flames are offensive).

I have many tattoos myself and work in law enforcement and have many friends in professional fields who also have visible tattoos and to find out Planet Fitness makes thier staff cover up the tattoos they have.... is offensive and hippocritical to what the company preaches in its motto.

I will not be continuing my membership with them due to this and will stear as many future clients and friends away from them as possible. Judgement free zone is the most judgemental place I have ever encountered.


Hey Perri G!!

You and anonymous from Washington DC sound like the same person!!

You respond to all the planet fitness complaints on the side of planet fitness? Check other complaints and you'll see the same anonymous from Washington, District of Columbia commenting on how the pissed consumer is likely at fault and planet fitness didn't do anything wrong. Really?


I noticed the same on my feed and two others from “Taylor” with the same consistent, horrible grammar. Ha Ha.

I guess they don’t pay their minions for their elusiveness.


Hey anonymous from Washington DC how come you respond to all the planet fitness complaints on the side of planet fitness? Check other complaints and you'll see the same anonymous from Washington, District of Columbia commenting on how the pissed consumer is likely at fault and planet fitness didn't do anything wrong. Really?


Wow, a clear and intelligent response gets called a *** How DUMB are you people? You want things your way...

Well, there's the door!

Your attitude and bad behavior is not welcome at Planet Fitness. Have a nice day :)


I never have had any problem with them. They do as I ask.

Met many good friends there and will continue my membership.

Everyone of these must have different policies, or people who don't know what they are doing. I get treated like a queen!


Wow after reading peri's comment, I realize why the internet has millions of complaints about planet fitness. They just don't get how to treat a customer.


Perri sounds like a ***


What's difficult here is perception. What you perceive as being chased, may be the manager trying to get your attention to speak with you, perhaps wanting a more quiet conversation.

Since you were running away from the manager, he had no choice but to follow you. I would have done the same.

Perhaps your disagreement with the Lunk alarm sounding went above the decibels of merely stating, "I'm not happy."

Perhaps, "in your face" was in response to your bad reaction, and since you did not state that the manager yelled at you, apparently, he didn't. As a manager, he had to gain control and show watching members that PF has control.

You are a member, and membership pays for use only. That's it! It does not pay for a members bad behavior, or entitle anyone to yell at the staff.

You admitted to making the noise, what's wrong with apologizing?

The Smith was used all day long, if there was an issue with it, your use would have been preceded by complaints from other users.

If you had an issue, though the Lunk alarm went off, you could have apologized and explained shared that the Smith may require lube, or maintenance. Do you get where I'm going here? Because, since you didn't hint that you were courteous, by omission of mention, your behavior was the opposite.

You ran away from the manager because you knew you were at fault, yet you refused to accept responsibility, therefore, making matters worse for yourself. You calling the owner is interesting as most owners are in the background and unreachable. But from the owners perspective, the concern is always ALL the members. It only takes one Lunk to scare/intimidate a dozen members or potential members who just entered the building.

Whether it's the manager or the owner telling you that maybe Planet Fitness isn't for you, the bottom line is: It's not ALL about you! PF is a general fitness club and some people may want a different environment. There is no "one size" gym. But in this case, the comfort of the many far outweighs the comfort of a ***.

As for the clothing, yes, there is a dress code. When it's violated, just tell the staff; if it's not, let them deal with the violator. If it's not a violation, tank vs. String tank vs.

Muscle t-shirt, just ask, confirm with the manger, get clarification, get it in writing. Don't rant about it, it only makes you look small. Point out a member in inappropriate dress. Be clear, but ask in a civil manner; don't challenge.

You are in the minority, your membership is expendable. For every Lunk who leaves, 10-20 new members are ready to change their life and pick up your slack just because they are happy you are gone. General fitness for those who want a fun, non-intimidating environment is what Planet Fitness is ALL about.

Now, I may be all wrong with my analysis, but reading between the lines PLUS 5 years as PF staff member, and loving it, I had seen it all, and I had encountered my share of jerks and lunks, and their reactions are identical every single time, spot on. But if you still feel dissed, contact PF 603-750-**** .


Right on!

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