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Downingtown, PA manager Cody refused to give a military discount for my son who will be home on leave for approximately 8 days. Cody said he'll need to buy a membership or a day pass @ $20 per day.

Its rare that a company refuses to work with active duty military. He offered nothing other than standard membership options. Cody gave me the "sales pitch" of the 3 membership options. I asked to speak with the manager and he quickly told me "I am the Manager and this is what I have to offer." Very poor customer service on the part of the company and manager.

My husband and I recently moved to this area and are looking for a fitness place. We will definitely NOT go there.

Review about: Planet Fitness Membership.

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Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, United States #815219

I have to agree with everyone elack of military discount is no reason at all. Preferential treatment for the military is not necessary.

My Dad and my husband served because they loved the military not to work out. good grief some of these complaints are just rediculous.

San Jose, California, United States #808788

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San Jose, California, United States #808782


San Jose, California, United States #808780

The memberships are the cheapest around. They don't give discounts to seniors either.

How much cheaper than $10 a month do you want? I know, you want FREE.

How about this, it is not in the managers authority to offer anything off the table. The system is setup in such a way that he can't do what you ask him to do.

Your quarrel is not with THAT manager, but with corporate. And just asking $10 for $30 days membership is freakin' awesome. AND YOU WANT MORE?!?

BTW, Planet Fitness DOES freeze memberships for FREE for military reasons.

I thinks that's pretty darn good in itself. ,)


A business is NOT REQUIRED to give a military discount. It's nice if they do, but it's not a requirement.

If a business chooses not to, then that is their decision. It's not a rip off.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #807997

Why do you think your son deserves a special rate for being in the military? Is the free food, training, travel, shelter and money for college after, all at the expense of tax payers, not enough?

Do you think he is more special than other people because he joined the forces?

People seem to think anyone in the military are gods or somehow better than others - be honest, your son and most others joined for the pay and benefits and career options, not to 'defend our freedoms'.

You deserve no special discount at the gym - lmao. Your son already has a job that's better than what most other normal people get.

Get over it.

to John #986992

I have to say being in the military myself I don't believe we should get special discount because the job we choose but I don't like the whole thing about the tax payers dollars because in the military we pay taxes so basically we pay yourself to do a job most people wouldn't even attempt to do. Sorry to rant about that but that really bothered me so I had to get it out the rest you are right about we don't need a discount to work out you want a free work out go for a run that is free. but don't try to down play what we do because we deserve all the benefits that they offer us it is that a@@ Holes that give us a bad name that ask for more then that.

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