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My boyfriend and I joined the planet fitness in Pembroke Pines, FL at the beginning of December. We were inclined by the special of low sign up fee because the gym had yet to open.

The open date was December 12th. We were told that we had up to 2 weeks after the start date to cancel without being charged a cancellation fee. In our contracts, we signed with it stating the specific open date as December 12th, the gym did not in fact open until January 2nd. Because of such a long delay I had become frustrated and decided to cancel our memberships.

We had first sent in a copy of our cancellations by certified mail. When I had noticed I been charged for our monthly memberships on the 15th of January I went into the gym personally to see what was going on. My boyfriend and I went in on January 19th, we were told they never received our cancellations. I brought the receipt and copies of our cancellations requests with us.

They had us fill new ones out and then told us we owed $58 a piece for early cancellations! I was floored! I told them we had requested this within the 2 weeks of when they opened so we shouldn't be charged the fee. They told me that because they never received it and this was 4 days after the 2 weeks we needed to pay it.

Even though I had copies of everything with the attempt to cancel much earlier they paid no mind to that, or the fact that they opened several weeks after the date stated in my contract as well.

Horrible way to run business and I can't believe they would be so sly and disregard facts. Money hungry people.

Location: Kissimmee, Florida

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The back of the agreement you signed contains information in the event the scheduled opening is delayed or what your refund rights are should Planet Fitness close.  I wish I remembered what they are, but I never committed that to memory since that was never a factor on any of my dealings.  I can say that when the one I once worked for opened, tho they opened on time, in the event of a delay, they would not bill the first dues until the first billing cycle which was fair as long as the gym opened before the 17th.  I don't remember the buyout policy in the event.  HOWEVER, I DO see your case and I'm inclined to agree.  Plus, having certified letter receipt is your proof of intent to cancel.  If the CL receipts are dated "in time" your PF location should honor them both and waive the buyout. I would definitely contact PF corporate customer service.

This website gives the phone as 1-60*-***-**** with the corporate address being: 26 Fox Run Road, Newington, NH 03801. Good luck.

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