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I’ve been a customer for over a year now— first started in IL and i most recently moved to Los Angeles CA. I was told i could use my Membership here as well and when I got here they had me cancel my membership and start up a new one and for that reason now I can only tan for six minutes.

The sole reason why I have a membership here is to tan and if I cannot use it to its full ability that I have been prior before moving here then I want to cancel my membership.

every month I pay about $20 and if you take that times 12 months at the minimum That means I have paid over $200 to come here and now I am being told that I cannot use my minutes completely like I did in Illinois and I am not happy about it. I sat on hold for 20 mins before hanging up so I would like to receive a call back regarding this issue.

Product or Service Mentioned: Planet Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Dear Sir and/or Madam: you do understand that you moved to Los Angeles...in California...where there are no seasons at all, really, and where the sun is shining almost consistently year around? What, in God's name, do you need to tan artificially for?!?

Go to the beach, go for a walk, *** take three steps out of your front door - you might have to look for a minute, but chance are you'll find the massive ball of flaming hydrogen that the rest of us use to go "tanning."F.Y.I.

- said ball of hydrogen has absolutely NO waiting time, and doesn't seem to give a damn HOW long you tan for :DAlso... ----> insert what above comments have already stated.


"...and start up a new one and for that reason now I can only tan for six minutes."You changed home clubs AND you changed states. You probably did a transfer to have unlimited use of your new home club, which to you, was a cancellation and a startup.Your "for this reason" is totally wrong.

And your use of the term GUIDELINE does not equal legal mandates.Those who have never started or owned a business have absolutely no conception what it takes, what laws are involved (among other things). You just prefer to cry foul and berate a business and it's workers because you don't get your own way.

And when it's explained to you, you don't care! It must really suck to be you.


State Law states, and each a little differently, ANY TANNING CUSTOMER switching tanning locations, whether salon or non salon, must have a skin evaluation and begin new tanning sessions conservatively until the salon professional can determine proper and safe exposure time. The client. MAY NOT determine their own exposure time!So your beef is with state law buig brothers keeper laws that all businesses who offer tanning have to follow.

to Anonymous #1456722

no lol my ‘beef’ is with the guidelines. This is a new policy and I’m only saying that it’s not working in anyone’s favor. some people let me tan for the 8 and others don’t.

to Kaitlyn #1456731

Then your beef is with the facilities who are being compliant with state law. Hence again, WITH state law. Just because one location may not care about the penalty does not mean that those who are law compliant should give in to you just because you demand it 'as a paying customer'.

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