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My Purpose:

I am starting the process to start a class action lawsuit against Planet Fitness for unethical business practices and billing fraud.

My Story:

I signed up for a one month trial membership, which the salesman was explicit in telling me that there was no long-term obligation beyond one month back in September 2006 at Planet Fitness High Point, NC. Unfortunately for me, I never used the one month trial and ended up moving from North Carolina to Pennsylvania a few months later. I came to find out that they had actually signed me up for a month to month membership with no definitive termination date, despite what I was told by the staff member. The bank account that they had "on file" was technically still open but was not my primary account (I actually was using it as a "savings" account), but when I went to close the account, I discovered a discrepency of $520. Planet Fitness had charged me $10 a month for 52 months and I had never even set foot in the gym and was not even in the same state!

My Goal:

I know that I am not the only person to experience deception upon signing up for a contract, nor am I the only one to have significant disputes with their billing practices. If you would like to join me in fighting back, please notify me by email at aboydinfo@gmail.com

Review about: Planet Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $520.

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Englewood, Colorado, United States #1334773

they are pure and simple ***

Everett, Washington, United States #1307229

I'm down those people after I canceled have and continue to charge me for the last 18 months even after I showed them my bank statements and have my cancellation notice in hand I have repeatedly tried to contact then n no recourse has been done

Brewster, New York, United States #1224701

I hasd the same problem.They are total scammers!

The billboard said $1 to join, go to the website, it's actually $30! $10 per month, with a yearly fee in October they don't tell you about. I wasn't working, couldn't pay the credit card I originally signed up with, so the fees kept coming. Cost more to cancel than pay the overage fees and back membership dues.


to Anonymous #1282294

They have men (not transgender), heterosexuals in the women's locker rooms.BEWARE!

In my case it was a purported maintenance man. When I complained I was attacked by the front desk person, a woman who began yelling at the top of her voice. Also may I add the cleaning lady opened the door on me as I was putting on my clothes. The branch I am talking about is in Virginia on Richmond Highway in Arlington.

The guy that owns the franchises hung the phone up on me as I tried to tell him what happened.

Luckily for me I taped the call.These people really lack any decency and customer service skills.

Nanticoke, Pennsylvania, United States #1120365

I have had the same issue recently what became of your suit? I'd like to find out more please

Lenexa, Kansas, United States #939235

I have been a member for 3 years and needed to cancel my membership due to unemployment . *****I was told I had to pay a cancellation fee? Not per the contract If you've been a member for 1 year the cancelation fee is waived.

Malvern, Pennsylvania, United States #882838

I went in yesterday to a planet fitness.They would only accept access to my checking account for payment.

I said what about cash or me putting them on auto pay from my checking account. They said no, the only way I could sign up for the service was to give them the keys to my checking account.

It seems to me their real interest is to trade their service for access to my checking account as they were offered several forms of payment of which they were interested in none.

It felt really shady to me.I would like to know the percentage of their income that people would dispute as ill-gotten gains.

Toms River, New Jersey, United States #864623

They told me I could not cancel the monthly memership billing until I paid the outstanding balance. In other word if I couldn't come up with what was owed they had the right to continue to charge me in the future forever even though i asked to be canceled and no longer wish the service.


The monthly membership is a month to month membership.There is no one month membership.

It explains on the paper they give you when you sign up.

You have to terminate your membership before the 15th of the month.Maybe you should pay attention more


Is it possible to go to the police for theft?

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