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I think the elephant in the room is that no one wants to admit they have credit problems. I was a member of planet fitness for almost 2 years, joined with a credit card for the upfront fee but had to give my checking account for the monthly fee and annual fee once a year.

I loved the manager there and it really is convenient for me right at the mall with the bus line right there (dont have a car). But I got in trouble with so many credit cards and it just got too much so I got a couple judgments on me, and if you have money in the bank account they can get a levy and freeze all your money! So I didnt want planet fitness coming in to get their monthly due and my account frozen and then I get charged a rediculous insufficient funds penalty and all that. So I just had to quit my membership because they wont take a debit card or cash.

I think they are losing a lot of customers by this absurd policy. The reason they do this is because debit cards if there is not money in your account, its just rejected and you pay no fee. With a checking account if they try to get money and theirs not enough in the bank they know they will get their money because they can keep coming back over and over again till they get their money.

So basically I have to try to find another gym which wont be as convenient or have all the equipment Planet Fitness did. I really liked that gym, they kept it pretty clean and management was nice and the help (mostly) had very pleasant attitudes so its too bad for them and me I guess!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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If you have difficulties with canceling Planet Fitness membership, getting a refund or are concerned about unauthorized charges from PlanetFitness.com,or just puzzled why the company needs your bank account details, read what can be done in the article here.


I have excellent credit and will not allow check auto pay to Anyone!


I agree with this complaint. I once looked into joining Planet Fitness, but chose not to pursue the membership once I was told that I could not use a credit card to make the monthly payments.

to Mike #1606899

I agree; I was so excited to join because it is local, convenient and has everything I need to train. But, I am not giving them my checking account number.

That's insane.

So... now I'm back looking for a new gym


I don't have a checking account right now. I don't need one, and I'm not going to pay the monthly fee for an account I don't need.

I guess Planet Fitness doesn't want people to actually join them. They really should offer an alternative.


I cancelled my Planet Fitness membership because of the checking acct. only policy. I don’t give anyone access to my checking account.


It let me sign up online, with just a debit card. Never asked nor told me it was required to have a checking acct.

I don't have any bank accts and would have a hard time getting one due to credit. So Everytime I go they give me a hard time.

But why let me sign up online with just a card if it was gonna be an issue. They've also let my sister pay cash for her monthly fee several times.

to Cody #1528987

Same here, signed up with a CC only and they've been charging it monthly like normal. Never had a problem until recently.

Now every time I walk in and scan my card they remind to "update" my billing information. "We now need a second form of billing". I'm NOT giving them my account number to any of my banks. Waiting to see what happens when my next bill is due.

Will they cancel my membership? Will I be delinquent on my bill? Will they continue to charge my CC? WHO THE *** KNOWS...

No one at my PF location can give me a straight answer.

Oddly enough, I can still pay (manually) with my CC on my PF's online account. I'll update when something happens.


I am also not joining Planet Fitness because of their checking account policy. Nobody should be asked to give their bank information.


I tried paying up front total but won't let me. What is the difference?

They get full pay for a year up front.

I don't want to give them my acct. Information.


I will not join planet fitness because of that policy. I just want to use credit card and not provide checking account information!


their main target customer is a customer that will never go, and for them to deal with the credit card dispute is way harder than the pulling money from your bank account.the hassle to cancel a monthly charge of 10 bucks is way bigger than the charge itself...I just walk out from Planet Fitness just for that only reason.


I just refused to join when I was told I could not pay with credit card. Why in earth would someone trust a gym with their personal checking info?

That's asking for trouble. I joined a more expensive gym less than a mile away and had no problem paying by credit card.


I agree with about everyone here, walked in, walked out. I've always tried to pay year in advance with whichever gym i have after charging my debit card wrong month after month with another gym.Took the tour, ready to sign up, asked if they gave discount for paying year in advance, told can't do that.

Ok I thought, no, discount, no problem, I'll just pay full price. NOT An OPTION, wth?i HATE giving my debit card out because it takes forever to get things settled when things go wrong. Not like a credit card that you can fight and make right fairly easily.WARNING, WARNING, WARNING. Lol.

They actually would only take my bank info. Crazy. So they want to put my banking acct routing and acct number on a piece of paper, then I'm sure keep in a file.

Not sure about PF, but trainers every gym I've been at had high turnover so what happens when one of them gets my info and decides to go shopping. UNBELIEVABLE, bye Felicia


Walked in, walked out. This policy is crazy. I had two hundred in cash they wouldn't take instead.


I HATE this policy! I want to get a membership here but I do not want to open a bank account.

I'm even willing to pay for a full year cash, and still get told no! It's horrible!!!


I wish they would have not made it as difficult to get a membership everyone does not have a checking account so I defitnetly will be looking for a new gym. They are going to give so many different gyms their clientele not a smart choice.


Yeah it's crazy now and days with identity theft on the rise. I feel uncomfortable giving my bank info the them.

They really need to change their policy on this. They will have hard time getting new customers..


How about this - I have perfect credit. I also have significant balances on my bank accounts...thus I declined the "Checking Account Only" option.

I wanted to buy memberships (paying upfront) for my family and 4 employees.

Sill policy.


MY checking acct was hacked by a tanning salon with similar requirements. I told planet fitness I was not comfortable with giving them access to my banking acct I said I would pay a year in advance for black card membership.

They said NO! Would not accept my payment. Would not take my credit card. Visa or Discover.

Would not take cash or check. That’s crazy. I don’t have credit issues but my bank acct is MY bank account. I don’t have to give them access.

They lost a good potential member! There are other choices.

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