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I think the elephant in the room is that no one wants to admit they have credit problems.I was a member of planet fitness for almost 2 years, joined with a credit card for the upfront fee but had to give my checking account for the monthly fee and annual fee once a year.

I loved the manager there and it really is convenient for me right at the mall with the bus line right there (dont have a car). But I got in trouble with so many credit cards and it just got too much so I got a couple judgments on me, and if you have money in the bank account they can get a levy and freeze all your money! So I didnt want planet fitness coming in to get their monthly due and my account frozen and then I get charged a rediculous insufficient funds penalty and all that. So I just had to quit my membership because they wont take a debit card or cash.

I think they are losing a lot of customers by this absurd policy. The reason they do this is because debit cards if there is not money in your account, its just rejected and you pay no fee. With a checking account if they try to get money and theirs not enough in the bank they know they will get their money because they can keep coming back over and over again till they get their money.

So basically I have to try to find another gym which wont be as convenient or have all the equipment Planet Fitness did.I really liked that gym, they kept it pretty clean and management was nice and the help (mostly) had very pleasant attitudes so its too bad for them and me I guess!

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I don't have credit problems. I just don't give sensitive information unless it's absolutely necessary. A gym membership is not absolutely necessary for me.

In this day and age of identity theft, I am not handing over my banking information to an organisation that will hire anyone with abs.


when paying via checking account, they can only try 1 more time to withdraw the dues, with late fee.(usually the Wednesday after the failed collection) that's it.

really and honestly. after that they, by law, are not allowed another attempt. your membership payments go into a problem status mode. once there is a 'problem' they will not attempt to charge your checking again without your permission.

however, until you cancel, tho your bank cannot be charged, you WILL continue to accrue dues and late fees from pf for up to 6 months.

please understand, that's why checking accounts are a better method and safer, too. debit/credit cards expire and are hacked all too often. tho pf charges a $10 late fee, bank overdraft fees typically start at $35 per attempt.

pf does not get this or ANY money

seriously, pf isn't interested in overdrafting you on a $10 or $19.99 monthly membership, that's not unscrupulous. For any business, it's just fact, or the bottom line.

AND pf is not responsible for bank overdraft fees. unless you have overdraft protection, PF will never be paid until you pay at the club.

when your membership is in a 'problem' status, they can't do anything! they can't even make another attempt for NEW dues the next month, or the next.

imagine the amount of bank fees you would be charged if they could continue to bill! Gosh, I'd be broke in 2 weeks ams unable to recover for months AND that's! if I'm lucky...

many pf's have a Paid in Full option. ask them about it. Suggestion 2 (my preference) open up a free checking account at your bank or preferably another bank where only certain bills are paid from. that's exactly what i did and it works great for me .

i use 2 different banks so there is absolutely no chance of a cross connection. i keep enuf in my BILLS account to cover all of my auto drafts pf bill $19.99, life insurance $68.67, and cable bill $56.95. should there be any hacking, they can't in no way get at my major account. perhaps you think is a bit of a hassle, yes at first, but live in a small town and i have peace.

i got used to my routine and i no longer overdraft. PLEASE, pf is a great gym environment, i adore my pf even tho it's my only gym choice in my town. having a second paying account is spot ON awesome! i hope that you never stop your fitness lifestyle and journey to your goal(s), whatever they may be.

please understand, in order to be profitable and continue to grow, pay it's bills and the staff, a company needs to look after how they could best get paid by the majority of their members on a massive scale. The more monthly dues bounce, the less they'll be able to improve and share that improvement with you. plus each PF still has to pay royalties to corporate PF even tho you never paid them. that can be a huge loss.

imagine. i also truly do understand your concern. i really do. that's why i offer my suggestions, a way to make it work without feeling vulnerable.

a business must look after itself and delinquent accounts make them tighten the payment restrictions. a business must be able to maximise its profit or the doors will close. a business, they exist and subsist on the majority.

special acceptions eventually become not only intolerable but difficult to track, and more expensive than what YOU personally owe.i hope this helps.

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