My son came home for leave today,he works out everyday so he wanted to find a gym.I told him to go to pf since i have a contract there.He came home and told me that they would not let him work out there. The clerk told my son that he could pay 20.00 dollars that he needs to pay like everyone else.

I am a mother of 2 marine boys, I find this disturbing! These boys may if there lucky get 10 days of leave. I don't think it to much to ask for you to honor our military by letting them work out in your gym. When my son went into your facility he asked if you do anything for the military.

The clerk told him he had to pay $20. a day We are not looking for anyhandouts. I just don't like the message that the clerk gave to my son. He went to Lifetime Fitness they waived the $20 fee and told him could work out for for his whole leave for no fee.

They also told him that any time he is on leave just show his military id and he can work out.

I don't understand why you can't extend the same courtesy as Lifetime Fitness. I guess you just aren't as proud of our military as most.

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"Not looking for any handouts" but upset about not getting in free? This entitlement attitude isn't helping.


I am a Veteran, they are a business and are not obligated to cater to anyone just because they are on leave from the military. They are a business that provides a service and have an overhead. This is not indicative that they don't care about the military, only that you got your panties in a bunch because they didn't cater to your wants.


Here's the problem, many employees like to act as agents for the company they work for and deny benefits extended to military. Many have no clue that the benefit is extended or was simply not paying attention on how to discount the items.

They don't care. Then you can go to the same store on any given day and you receive the discount. I'd just like some consistency on this. Most of the red tape comes from abuse by employees that give the benefit to those that don't qualify.

20% at footlocker is good deal. 10% at Lowe's is a good tax break when building a shed or something.

I see no reason to be shy about asking for the benefit. It's not the employee's choice to deny a benefit extended by the corporation.


I am an Army Sildier of over 22 years still serving and free *** doesn't mean they dont support. Its $20....

I waited for a special and pay $10 a month. I gift if a discount is just that.

Stop being greedy and expecting gifts. You dont hate Walmat, Safeway, Exxon, Cheveron, Ford, Levi's, and all the other companies that don't offer discounts do you?

to Nick #1602595

Ford offers a minimum of $500 off any new vehicle (Usually $1,500). You can go to a dealership, negotiate the lowest price, then pull out your CAC ID, LES, or DD214 and the dealership will give you an extra $500 off at a minimum.


A. Military discounts aren't a right.

They're a privilege. If your children receive a discount, you and they should be gracious and grateful... Not, as you seem, entitled. B.

It's not like 10 days without exercise is gonna tank his PT scores. Plus, there are plenty of exercises that he can do at home. You both need to suck it up. C.

Planet Fitness is pretty clear about their membership types. If you wanted one where your guests can workout for free, you should have signed up for one. If your son wants a membership, they offer military discounts. D.

Complaining that your son couldn't get free stuff based on his military status makes military personnel look bad. STOP IT.


I have nothing against militart discounts, ive used them when available, but I would never think less of a company that didnt offer them. Especially as you expected a free service was obligatory.


You clearly are looking for handouts since your complaint is that they wouldn't let him workout for free.


I agree.... Planet Fitness is not military frendly


So you want free ***


I do like my veterans discount however I would not or have I ever expected it for free at a gym? Why if mommy has a membership do you not go with her as a guest!


I am a parent of active duty military children. My Son has a PF membership because he likes that for $20 a month he can bring a friend in for free.

Also the 24 hr 7 days open a week is very convenient. They also allow military to cancel their membership at anytime the need to leave without penalty. The Military discounts are certainly a privilege and not mandatory so when we complain about them it is quite embarrassing for all of us families. True they should not have been so rude telling him to pay like everyone else; perhaps if that employee has that attitude they should not be working where they have to have customer assistance experience.

It was probably how they handled the situation rather than explaining their policy in a professional manner. That should have went to supervisor or management level where they at the very least should know how to talk to a customer and train their employees how to and not to address a customer. By no means should anyone expect something that is not given to everyone of the same profession. Let’s not forget about our Policeman, EMS & Fireman that clock in everyday to risk and save lives.

May God bless you all. Thank you PF for offering the no hassle contract cancellation


I fully support our military, but my issue is you say "we are not looking for any handouts" but you're complaining that someone won't let your son do something for free that everyone else has to pay for. That's pretty much the definition of a handout.I would gladly give up a day of my membership for any active military member to work out while on leave, so this isn't about the vets. I'm just saying let's call a spade a spade


I am a vet and when I do not get a discount somewhere I do not run out and shout the the store does not support the military. The store can support the military but not offer discounts.

I know a few stores that have drives, fundraisers, etc. to help raise money for military and don't offer a discount. When you go to McDonalds do you ask if they offer a discount?

Do you ask at Wal-Mart? How about when you get gas?


Awww. Your poor son was asked to pay for the right to use the equipment that everyone else has to pay for?!

That’s ridiculous! Why isn’t everything free for veterans then?You and your son are entitled to nothing.

A military discount is very much appreciated, but it’s not why we serve, and I’d like to meet a service member that demands one. Ridiculous.

to Joe #1480074

They should 100 percent get to work out for free when on leave.. I'd gladly give my membership over to any veteran

to Anonymous #1503153

Maybe their business model doesn't allow for people with contracts to switch their membership over to someone else because that's what a contract is




As Army CO, I don’t serve for the discounts, I serve for the *** of it. While I do have a bias against the marine corps from the way some of their men are, I generally don’t expect a military discount. But I don’t really understand how those enlisted think, since I make significantly more money, $20 isn’t really something I’d really care about, especially for a good workout at an accredited fitness center.

to 1LTChevy #1464600

You're an Army Commander and you haven't spent enough time with your men to understand how they think... shameful.

You don't understand how $20 can impact your men....

shameful. To be a more effective leader get to know your men.As on of my Marine Officers said "if you don't know your Marine's dog's name you don't know them well enough.

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