My son came home for leave today,he works out everyday so he wanted to find a gym.I told him to go to pf since i have a contract there.He came home and told me that they would not let him work out there. The clerk told my son that he could pay 20.00 dollars that he needs to pay like everyone else.

I am a mother of 2 marine boys, I find this disturbing! These boys may if there lucky get 10 days of leave. I don't think it to much to ask for you to honor our military by letting them work out in your gym. When my son went into your facility he asked if you do anything for the military.

The clerk told him he had to pay $20. a day We are not looking for anyhandouts. I just don't like the message that the clerk gave to my son. He went to Lifetime Fitness they waived the $20 fee and told him could work out for for his whole leave for no fee.

They also told him that any time he is on leave just show his military id and he can work out.

I don't understand why you can't extend the same courtesy as Lifetime Fitness. I guess you just aren't as proud of our military as most.

Location: Sterling Heights, Michigan

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I am a soldier who is about to go home for 10 days of leave and I was thinking about going to PF as well. After reading this post, I think I’ll go elsewhere. Thank you very much for this


None of us that serve or have served will ever look for handouts. That was wrong of that place of business to say something like that.

I myself am home in leave and was thinking of going there but not now. If that is the way they are going to act.


It really seems like you’re looking for handouts. It’s not that deep. -Wife of an active duty soldier.


Really? You are an *** if you think that!

Putting your life on the line and 24/7 responsibilities?

How dare you think we are looking for handouts! P Miller LT+C Retired


Well said sir


Let it be known that dependapottomus like this one do not speak for active duty. You were entirely right to post this and plz thank your sons for their service.


I retired from the US military, I want everyone that thinks we get free healthcare, free housing, and free utilities to know that WE DO NOT. Our base pay is is considerably lower than our counterparts in the civilian community because our income is supplemented with healthcare, base-housing, utilities, etc.

The key word here is supplemented.

If you have served in the military you will know this but if you have not served, you might think that Armed Forces members get “free” healthcare and such. Please remember, we are DoD personnel that are on duty 24/7 and I can assure you that even if these basic needs were “free” we still wouldn’t make a lot of money.


Came across the same issue. There are more entities that support the military than don’t.

I ask them if they have something against the military and don’t frequent them. Rich A., MSgt, USAF RET


I was just searching for a gym with a military discount. YMCA has a discount and a pool!

I am a retired Marine. Thank you for your service and Semper Fi!


I’ve had a similar experience. Wanted to try the facility for a day to see if I liked it enough to join.

I was told that I needed to pay $20 for the day. That was laughable.

They wanted me to pay for two month in order to use the gym for one day. One would think that they would allow a potential member to work out for free.


you people suck hes giving his life for your freedom


GTFOH....Unless this kid is a WWII soldier/vet, he absolutely HAS NOT fought in any known war in which our "freedoms" were at stake. You sound so stupid but if you feel this way but if you want to Troop Worship, how about you pay for his gym membership.

While you're at it, how about you make sure you vote for people who don't throw their lives away and will at least have the courtesy to pay the cost to put them back together when they get home both mentally and physically. How about voting for people who don't want to take away a soldier's family's food stamps or use building funds on stupid @#$# that makes no sense.


This clown sounds like a Bernie Sanders, millennial, socialist ***


You sir are an ***


Ok ..first off, they get 2.5 days a month of leave, so they are able to take more than ten days off when they put in for leave with their command. Second- Read the fine print.

Having a membership at this gym does not entitle you to freely allow other people to use your account even if they are active duty military. Third- You sound so entitled. I'm actively duty military, and I don't act NEARLY as entitled as you. Sure, I love a good discount, but serving my country does not entitle me to free *** all the time.

You need to read the rules of this gym and follow them. Don't expect free things because you have two sons in the military.


I doubt you are in the military, a military person would the proper terminology "Active Duty".


Looks like an autocorrect error. The rest of the terminology seems legit.


Kinda like you writing "...a military person would the proper..." I could jump on that as you don't speak English as a primary language. But - I'm not going to do so even though I can.


You sir are a LIAR


Your son chose the military as his job. He already gets free healthcare.

Why should he also get a discount at a gym or any other place? It would be a different story if he was drafted.

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