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Update by user Aug 07, 2015

There is no debate that this incident happened, nor the manner in which it happened. There is video footage of it happening.

Also for the forensic equipment experts out there, I am not trying to file a medical claim or sue PF. I signed the waiver, I accept the fact that equipment, no matter the type, will have malfunctions. So everyone trying to decipher the possibilty of how it could have even happened, move on. The main point of this issue is how PF Burnsville responded to an injured member and their unacceptable customer service.

Was it my fault, their fault, who cares.

The only issue is the lack of concern, urgency, basic First Aid, or follow-up for someone seriously injured, especially a head wound. That is the root of what makes this a terrible club.

Other clubs I have been a member of or worked for, all employees had to be CPR/First Aid/AED certified within 30-days of employment.

I guess if you're going to only ask $10 or $20 a month, you have to cut cost somewhere.

In conclusion, to sum up the actual root of my complaint, the only follow-up I received from anyone at the club was when I submitted my cancellation notice. I received an email with my cancellation and a "I hope you feel better".

Update by user Aug 01, 2015

This was the Burnsville, Mn location. However, I've been.told the other locations in Minnesota are no better.

Original review posted by user Aug 01, 2015

Terrible, untrained employees. I was into the 3rd rep of my 3rd set of tricep pushdowns, when the pin released on the cable harness.

The harness fell to the floor, splitting my skull on the way. As loud as it was, it still didnt bring any of the 3 employees there to aid me. The harness split my head open 4", and I was bleeding heavily. After a couple of minutes, I.went up to the desk securing the laceration with my dirty gym towel.

I.stood at the desk several minutes before anyone even came over. Obviously these people are not trained in basic first aid, as I received no assistance. When the manager finally came up, all he said was "you ok?. I'd get that l9oked at sooner, rather than later".

I asked for an accident report, but was told that they didnt need anything from me!! I told him his faulty machine caused this, as I stood there with a blood soaked gym towel. He took my number and I drove to the ER. 10 stiches, cuncussion, and who knows what else.

It's been 3 days without even a call to see if Im ok.

What a joke of a gym. It may only be $20/mo, but you get the service you pay for.

Product or Service Mentioned: Planet Fitness Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Whether this was a user error or faulty equipment when a customer has an accident the employees should know how to respond, especially an accident that involves blood, which can result in blood born pathogens. Employees in a gym should have a basic knowledge of first aid since there is a high possibility of people getting hurt there.


I tried to duplicate your account. Try as I might, when that pin is locked, the harness will not budge, it will not move up or down.

You sound like you know what you are doing, so I do believe you know how to lock the pin in place.

BUT I can't help but question user error. Plus if it happened to you then the mechanism is faulty. Cable machines are continuously used. That side would have been shut down to prevent further mishaps until fixed.

If it wasn't shut down, if the same DID NOT occur again to at least one other user since your use, again, I'm inclined for first user error, you ... Sorry, that's the way I see it.


"...when the pin released on the cable harness.  The harness fell to the floor, splitting my skull on the way" ???

How does your head get in the way of a tricep "push down" on a cable machine?  I'm trying to picture it.  I just don't think it's possible.

But man, that's a CUT!

to Anonymous #1014889

It was a LifeFitness 6 station crossover. I had the one side of the cable cross harness set to the top.

On those, they have the swivel harness that sticks out about 6-8 inches.

I do my rope pushdowns strict, which had me directly under it. Needless to say, I will always be more aware of where my head is with anything adjustable.

to Anonymous #1016688

Every single how to video I've checked out, no one was standing under the harness. You were doing your push down incorrectly, and you probably put the pin in wrong.


You have a totally legitimate claim for a lawsuit to recover your medical costs, scarring, lost wages from missed work (if any). You needed to report the incident to the medical personnel who treated you at the hospital.

That becomes your record of incident.

Then you can file against both Planet Fitness and the mfr of that machine for lack of safety mechanisms to protect users. Find a competent lawyer from among local attorneys who have affiliations with the prosecutor's office, commissions, etc.

to lee #1016879

If he did not set the pin correctly and was doing the set incorrectly, there is no claim.

to Anonymous #1111202

What is it with you. The man was hurt and all you can do is batch him. Have some compassion and stop been like those workers at PF.

to Anonymous #1279668

There are multiple cases that can be made in this instance. There is no contract that protects a business from taking reasonable safety measures.


Every business in the United States is required to provide a safe environment. Faulty equipment must be repaired or removed from service... It is up to the business to ensure (each day of service) that a machine is in good repair.

2nd. If an injured party exists in the area of operation, or within clear view of an employee, and inadequate action is taken.

The business could be found liable for the results.

Remember, you are not acting as an individual [John Doe] while "on the clock". You are representative of your employer and its' practices.

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