Tried to cancel my month-to-month membership today since I have moved and it's no longer convenient to go there.No where on their website does it tell you how to do this.

I called my home club and was told I either had to go there in person(which is 1500 miles away), or I could send a certified letter (and it MUST be certified) stating I wished to cancel, and they would "process my request". Those are the only 2 options. So now I have to go out of my way to go to the post office and PAY to cancel my membership.

Ridiculous.Super easy to join, but they make you jump thru hoops to cancel.

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Tried to cancel my month-to-month membership today since I have moved out of state and it's no longer convenient to go there.Now I find out I have to either cancel where I joined or send a certified letter to cancel.

Notifying my bank to stop any future payments to these CROOKs!!

To much BS to cancel membership, they are a rip off.By the time you get it cancelled they have taken at least 2 more payments from you.

Lake Havasu City, Arizona, United States #1264736

Roger AZ.I tried to pay with cash or one time check but was told customers MUST use their credit card.

Why subject yourself to endless hassle of trying to end PF billing your account.Go to a competitor.


All that work of getting off the couch and going to the post office to cancel your gym membership is like "jumping thru hoops"?! lol...


I feel you, same here!!! Almost took an act of Congress and of course they got two (2) more billing cycles out of me in the process. Crooks!!!

to Anonymous #1164766

IT IS FAR TO DIFFICULT to CANCEL.They are truly CROOKS and the know when when you sign that little pad you don't know that you are signing for a year.

I asked but I was told it was month to month.

They are Big Time Crooks.


Other gyms require the same process of sending a certified letter to cancel.But I don't understand why you didn't cancel before you left.

It was a pretty big distance so you knew you were not going to go there anymore. I'm sure you had to cancel other memberships before you left town. It makes sense they need you in person or a certified letter, what if someone was pissed at you and decided to cancel it to *** you off?

Or something similar to that happened, you would be pissed it was so easy for them to do that.


call your bank and put a stop on the payments from this company. That is the only way to guarantee it stops.

to Anonymous #1121061

Thats a good way to have them start racking up a bill for collections, check your credit rating...


Brookfield Connecticut, my wife purchased a membership was never able to use the facility because with cancer we had to move from the area to Arkansas tried to cancel the membership. we have written planet fitness three times to cancel our membership and they will not cancel your membership they just keep billing us.


Should of told them before you moved ***

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