Going to this location for 3 years.

Last week Cooper at the front desk. "Do you have a mask"

my response, "No, I don't wear a mask, never have, and have not been asked to until today" Feb.

9, 2021

Cooper "Well sir, you will have to wear a mask to go in"

I say "So, I need a mask to walk the 10 feet where people are huffing and puffing without masks on"

Cooper "yep"

I say "So I cannot go into gym unless I wear a mask for the next 10 feet"

Cooper "yep, Sir do you have a medical condition"

I say "No, I just don't believe in wearing a mask as people in the same space are working out without a mask.

I say "I guess I will have to cancel my membership if I cannot work out"

Cooper types something very quickly, turns the pen pad around and says

"Sign here"

I sign, I am cancelled.

I call another gym "Do you guys require masks" response "No Sir"

I go sign up at a gym that is not JUDGEMENTAL.

Please stop with your political crap.

you will lose a lot more in the coming months if you keep it up.

Sad day for me. I really did love the gym, and all of your employees, exempting Cooper of course.

User's recommendation: Wear you mask or else.

Location: 1600 Mid Rivers Mall Circle, Saint Peter's, MO 63376

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Please, do not have children...


Stop being a piece of *** and just put on a damn mask you pathetic ***


Wow, could you try to be just a LITTLE more selfish and infantile?

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