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Update by user Jul 09

Just received word that 3 of our pro wrestler friends just cancelled their Planet Fitness memberships within the last couple hours due to my story

Original review posted by user Jul 09

I’m a competitive female bodybuilder and I signed up at Planet Fitness in Chicago at Harlem Foster and was told I can wear sleeveless, bring my own water and can carry my firearm. So the second day I go in to workout I was refused entry.

Told I am not allowed to look the way I do, with my water jug and I have to leave. So let me get this straight, i can bring a gun into Planet Fitness but not a gallon of water. I cancelled.

“Judgment free zone”? My husband is a wrestler in the WWE and we know ALOT of high profile gym goers and will make it our mission to spread the word to turn everyone away from Planet Fitness aka Club Fat

Reason of review: Not as described.

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"Club Fat?" Wow, glad you are cancelling your membership, even if you did allow someone else to write the review. This person obviously knows you well enough to know that you would use this term.

I presume the conversation went like this:You: Ugh! Planet Fitness really really really pissed me off and like I have to quit them! They are just hating on me because I obviously look better than everyone in that gym. I mean, it's kind of, like, fat club.Writer: Girrrrllll!

Leave it to me! I will post something about how they mistreated you. They probably didn't want you to intimidate the other fat people there, because you are so hot!You: Amirite?! Like, I don't even know what's happening!

Aww! Thanks! You get me!

Just post whatever! You and I are like the same!


Are you actually judging a gym.. because youre upset...

that they judged you...do you think the smartest way to put out a fire is with more fire? The gym is KNOWN for not being for body builders and the such.

go to the billion others gyms that are towards those type of lifestyles and stop *** on the one that isn't. god youre annoying

to BlindEagle #1520055

Yeah I know they’re known for this. I had someone else write this review for me and they botched the information.

I didn’t go sign up at a Planet Fitness. It was my gym I was a part of for YEARS and also personal trained out of and then they were BOUGHT OUT by planet fitness. “God you’re annoying” dude go somewhere else I never asked for your stupid opinion.

The reason for my post is to spread the word on this ridiculous place.I get judged for a living so being judged isn’t what I’m *** about- the problem is when I PAY an establishment for services only to be refused to walk through their door yet THEY TAKE MONEY. Go to a restaurant, pay for your food, then the chef comes out and say “you must leave” you wouldn’t *** about that?


Wow, you are quite judgemental!

to Anonymous #1520063

How am I judgemental when I pay for a service and am told to leave when I walked in like everyone else?

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