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Circuit area

When I start at 1 in circuit area it is because my work out is to do the “circuit”. People constantly jump in the middle and ask are you done with that machine, etc...

Please PF get a grip on this problem. I can’t believe people are this inconsiderate.


Changing home club not pissed off

I just signed up at the Cary NC club which is about 6 miles from my house and I found out there will be one opening in Holly Springs about 2.5 miles frim my house. Can I change home cluns, I am a standard member.


You can transfer your Planet Fitness membership following the procedure at All you need is to provide your membership information, select your new club and confirm it.



Can Planet Fitness explain how they feel it’s okay to fraudulently take money after memberships are canceled ?

In case you don't know how to stop unauthorized charges from Planet Fitness, read the article "Top Question"

Pay the whole year up front

I am a combat veteran and there is an organization that wants me to pick a gym so I picked Planet Fitness so when they called the club I would be joining they were told they only do monthlys well they will not do monthly so is this gym Veteran Friendly


Why are you still charging my account??

Why are y’all still charging my account?? I have not stepped in a plant fitness in over 4+ years ?? Their is no way to contact you guys over the phone ??


The Planet Fitness Billing FAQ page directs all billing questions to the storefront locations. Company answers this popular complaint by encouraging customers to talk to representatives at the gyms about billing questions.

Planet Fitness FAQ section also reminds customers to review their membership agreements that may include more information about their billing practices.

Membership agreements and payment information is available online through the Planet Fitness account management. If you'd like to dispute unauthorized charges from Planet Fitness, you can find the company toll-free phone numbers, email address, and headquarters address on


Cancel your membership? Duh


They scam people



Hi, I recently moved to another city and they dont have PF there. I called my old PF gym to cancel my membership but they say I need tp come in too cancel it, but I cant. What can I do to cancel my membership?

Canceling a membership is addressed on the Frequently Asked Questions page of the Planet Fitness website. According to the site, “You can fill out a cancellation form at the front desk of your home club, or send a letter (preferably via certified mail) to your club requesting cancellation.”
In person or by certified mail are the only two options available as the business specifies that “Memberships can’t, unfortunately, be cancelled by email or phone.” Additionally, the website reminds patrons that “your cancellation request is subject to any obligations of your membership agreement.”
It would seem even in a situation following a car accident and limited mobility, the gym requires cancellation in person or by certified mail. If you need to know Planet Fitness corporate office address to cancel your membership, you can use company customer service info on Pissed Consumer.

Age to join as black card member


I am 17 years old and was wondering if I am able to join as a black card member with permission of a parent. I’ve looked on the site, but it is not very specific or helpful.



Find out at what age you can you can join Planet Fitness membership here.



Problems with my account

Can someone from corporate please call me im having trouble with my home club and billing im pretty disappointed with PF at this time so i would appreciate a call back at (401)480-7509 my name is Maribeth Gremour thank you

You can call one of the Plenty of Fish customer service phone numbers: (844) 880-7180 or (603) 750-00010. Email the company at or or send mail to
4 Liberty Lane West
Hampton, New Hampshire
03842 United States




Read what can be done in case you don't know how to stop unauthorized charges from Planet Fitness in the answer to question #9641.


TV stations

The planet Fitness location that I go to and is the most convenient for me is the location in East Harlem 117th Street. This is the only location where they refuse to show Fox News.

Instead putting on Chanel 5 which is also fox network in my city (nyc). Every other location I’ve ever visited has both Fox News and cnn. Are franchises required to show the same stations ?

It certainly seems that way in other locations. I’ve asked staff members but they just shrug their shoulders because they don’t have an answer.


At the gym I frequent, the staff has informed me they've received a set of channels, a "list" of sorts from corporate. In reality they aren't even supposed to be changing the channels at all from the predetermined ones. Not sure what programs are offered, though.


Old Bill

I need to know how much I owe from a past membership so I can rejoin? Name..

Margaret Runion last 4 of ss#1211 from A membership from zip code 46818 . Looking to join facility at zip code 46804


Can a 14 get membership

Can a 14 year get membership


According to the Membership FAQ page on the Planet Fitness site, you may join Planet Fitness at age 13 provided you are accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian when you sign-up and when you are working out. The fitness chain does not allow any members under the age of 13 as one frustrated parent discovered.


Tanning Services

Planet Fitness, Would you please send me your rates to charge for tanning and what type of beds you provide in your fitness centers? I appreciate it very much. I am part owner of a Tanning Salon in Ketchum, Idaho and we are about to open and I am looking into the pricing for our future clients.


Hydromassage and massage chair

How do the hydromassage and massage chair work? I just got the black card how do you use them?


What is the policy for refunds?

I cancelled memebership because of EFT. The money was not in my account to take and I would like my membership payment refunded asap.

Consumer’s questions about refunds are popular. Planet Fitness FAQs page says that company directs all billing and refund questions to the storefront locations.

The page states,
“Your local club is the best place to go for help with any billing-related issues (including requesting refunds).” The refund policy may also be addressed on your membership agreement. When answering a different question about canceling a membership, the Planet Fitness customer service tab reminds consumers that
“your cancellation request is subject to any obligations of your membership agreement.” This may include specifics relating to refunds or partial refunds as well.

In some cases, this may also require you to cancel your membership before a specific date to avoid being charged on a monthly basis.
Reach out to Planet Fitness customer support in case you need to know more information about the company refund policy.

Is it possible for me to pay with a different prepaid card monthly?


Why does Planet Fitness offer bagels and coffee

We get the free bagels on the 2nd Tuesday of the month but no coffee. I have asked and I get the same response from the staff.

We can't afford it!! Then isn't that false advertisement?

I am a Black Card Member. I am at the Visalia, Ca gym.


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