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Can a 14 get membership

Can a 14 year get membership


Tanning Services

Planet Fitness, Would you please send me your rates to charge for tanning and what type of beds you provide in your fitness centers? I appreciate it very much. I am part owner of a Tanning Salon in Ketchum, Idaho and we are about to open and I am looking into the pricing for our future clients.


Hydromassage and massage chair

How do the hydromassage and massage chair work? I just got the black card how do you use them?



Need the last name to an employee named Jessica at the Springfield Or.Planet Fitness.

She is fallowing me and now stalking. To get a restraining order I need a last name.

She is now with a male who is also involved.Police are aware.


What is the policy for refunds?

I cancelled memebership because of EFT. The money was not in my account to take and I would like my membership payment refunded asap.


Is it possible for me to pay with a different prepaid card monthly?


Why does Planet Fitness offer bagels and coffee

We get the free bagels on the 2nd Tuesday of the month but no coffee.I have asked and I get the same response from the staff.

We can't afford it!! Then isn't that false advertisement?

I am a Black Card Member.I am at the Visalia, Ca gym.


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