Wanted to join at $10 offer.Found out can only do by PF automatically billing credit card monthly.

My past experience has found this VERY DANGEROUS and out of control. OFFERED TO PAY CASH FOR ENTIRE YEARS MEMBERSHIP!!!! CASH!! Was told not company policy.

Whoever heard of a business not accepting cash???? Would even make it a cashiers check, money order, and send directly to franchisee. HOW CAN PF MAKE THIS HAPPEN FOR ME??? OR, do I have to go to a different fitness organization??

PLEASE LET ME KNOW.Do want to join as it looks like a great clean facility.

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I had a planet fitness membership for 3 years and when I moved I cancelled my membership. They still charged me for three months and claimed I need to go back to home planet fitness to get this resolved. Three states away


Same thing happened to me.When I said I wanted to pay cash they changed the price.

Increase for cash was $80 per year. Not sure why they want access to you credit card account.

Don't like it.Probably will not renew.


Same thing happened to me this morning.Wanted to join for 1yr(12 months) and pay CASH for the whole year( the 12 months of fees and the initial payment ) told it was an option that they would accept.

They would only do direct billing through a Checking Account.S_ _ _w them.


I joined planet fitness a couple years ago and when I terminated my membership they continued to try to charge my account and said they had no record of cancelation. I brought the papers they gave me in with the date and time of termination and received no apology or refund for overcharges. If you are looking to end your membership, make sure they print and hand you papers confirming it, and keep them for a year.


Is there any gym in Las Vegas, NV that will let u join by paying 1 year up-front cash?


They are a scam

Brooklyn, New York, United States #1272582

Same experience ,could nor believe it!!!If we pay the whole year why do they need my credit card or my bank account number?

I joined anorher gym, paid 320 for the year and I don't care that I paid more money!Thee owner of my gym appreciated mycash and DOES not require my bank account number nor my credit card which is shady to you and me and many more!!!

to Anonymous #1363261

What gym please any chance it's in new York too?


I ran into the same thing for two memberships! Shame on a business that does not understand the value of having cash in advance!

Seguin, Texas, United States #1225013

My local planet fitness accepts payment in full for the year. Talk to the owner.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #1205970

It just surprised me in our paperless society how I couldn't join tonight.I done even have checks anymore as I pay everything online.

I have to wait till my bank opens and get an official form. I was so excited but what I saw to start working out again! I tried the pay for the year also. No go.


Oh well, if that's the worst thing that happens in my day I haven't had a bad day.Anonymous Aug 16

Indianola, Iowa, United States #1194565

I want to do the same thing. August 2016.



Looks like a nice place.Sure it's a good atmosphere.

But first you have to use a credit card to join and then a checking account for payment. And they obtain permission to maintain access to both and that's not ok. Some of us have large limits. And to put myself at risk over a gym membership is ***.

Because you can't sue if they misuse as you gave them permission.No one should you trust with unlimited access to your credit

Lennon, Michigan, United States #1123280

They should not be able to refuse cash first of all.This is a load of *** all in itself.

Now to make it worse. They need checking and credit. And this isn't even the worst part. The credit you use at first is on file and they word the contract so they can use if they need.

I'm not giving anyone open access to 2 forms of credit.Why would you even need this for a 10 NO COMMITMENT contract


Well, it *** me off.I am poor.

They make money off the annual charge and 10$ late fee. I hated the place but when they have the $99 , I "am a independent.

When is that again?LA fitness is sweet no contract means no contract


Yeah, because most gym systems are switching to account payments.It eliminates having herds of people swarming to pay on the 17th, it also keeps people from canceling their cards if they decide they don't want to stay with PF for the duration of their contract.

I've been a PF member for almost two years now.It seems fine to me.

to Anonymous #1099710

Why would they not take cash for the year?I do not give my banking information out and would think they would much rather have the money and not have to collet it every month.

No one swarming in on the 17th or knowing if the money is going to be there.

What I have to wonder is what they are doing with the banking information.You gave them your banking information who did they give it to?

to Anonymous #1469303

Because they are all scams.They want to trick you into extending for another year.

They can't do that if you pay cash up front.

No wonder obesity is such an epidemic in this country with virtually all gyms playing these games with people's health.Shame on them.

to Anonymous #1469305

Because they want to trick you into extending for another year. No wonder obesity is such an epidemic in this country when all of the gyms are crooked. Shame on them.


Yes, there is a very good reason to go online nd trash companies tht dont accept cash...sloths like you who dont stand up to the anti American glabalists busy ushering in cashless society have sold your own kids downriver to a fiat money fraud and jepordice the freedom my kids enjoy by not participating in the frauds. Screw planet fitness.

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