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Planet Fitness is a "Judgment Free Zone" and certain lifting exercises is not allowed in their facilities, i.e deadlifts, overhead presses, clean and jerks.Some facilities do not even allow supersets.

They even went as far as limiting the amount of weight you can use to workout, i.e up to 75 lbs dumbells at my facility. Their reason "Excessive Noises" you make, may be offensive to other members. What a crock! I told them that "obese women in yoga pants offend me, do you have a restriction on obese women wearing yoga pants?" Of course they don't.

Being offended is something that is totally subjective and unfair.

I refuse to workout in a facility that puts limits on my workouts and dictates to me what I can and can not do.Maybe Planet Fitness should change their name to Communist Fitness.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "restrictions" of planet fitness facility. Planet Fitness needs to "make other people aware" according to poster's claims.

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Planet Fitness is more of a place for people who are not juice heads and power lifters.The rules are posted everywhere and if you did not like them try finding a better deal than theirs!!

You can’t I pay $20 a month and use the facility 3+ times per week. For my cardio and tanning and massage chair and table included. Oh and I can also take a guest anytime for free. The one on Garners Ferry is staffed by really nice people and that facility is always CLEAN!!

So read the rules and there is no contract so you can quit and see if you can get a better deal!!

You CAN’T!!I have been a member for years and I’m loving it!!!!

to jrandy43 #1414803

I love reading comments internet warriors.Do you also tan there?

Is it soooooo clean? ***.

Could you imagine any other industry doing this?No, you can’t buy that luxury car because it will make feel bad that they don’t have one.


They canceled my membership because a man was watching me and drooling, and I showed him my wedding band, to signal I was hetrosexual and he got mad he couldn't pick me up.

to A Hetrosexual man Hopkinsville, Kentucky, United States #1308264

Showed your wedding band to signal you were heterosexual? Im thinking your membership was cancelled for some other reasons....


Yes, the no judgment zone.They told me I had to stop my set when there little traffic light turned red, then canceled my membership when I refused.

If you like Simon Says join Planet Fitness, if you want to work out go somewhere else.I think they are the total judgement zone.

to Anonymous Columbus, Ohio, United States #1243960

If you were in the circuit area, then yes, you need to stop your set, wipe down, and move on when the light turns red so others can continue their circuits. At least at my PF, there are machines and free weights outside the circuit area for those who want to do multiple sets on one machine.


The complainer is exactly the type of Neanderthal the business does NOT want on their premises, and I can't say I blame them.. No one wants to see, smell, or hear these juiced up proles fueled by rage.


Anybody that works out at this gym is either a woman or a *** hands down.


Then don't go there.Sounds like u are the exact type of people they made this type of business for.

There are plenty of other workout facilities that you would fit in just perfectly.

Crown Point, Indiana, United States #968464

Don't you get it?PF is not for people like you.

It's for beginners.

There are LOTS of "real" gyms out there.Go join one and quit your ***'.

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