3300 Flamingo rd Las Vegas 9/4/13 @ 11:am

called to get info on gym.

black chick answered. was rude and got made when i "ax-ed"

questions on membership. i was thinking of joining but not now.

i was NOT rude in anyway and she hung up on me.

check off planet fatness. .. . . . . . . .

there are 5 or 6 or gyms in the area inc golds, 24 hr, lvac

id even pay more for friendly staff.. since planet girl was rude they wont see my $.

ill be telling my customers and co workers not to join ANY planet f.

i guess p.f. dont care so neither do i. NONE OF MY $ 2 U.

Product or Service Mentioned: Planet Fitness Membership.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #711687

Do you have a phone that allows you to see the person you are talking to? If not, how do you know you were talking to a black chick?

No matter what that is a rude way to talk about her. How was she rude? Further more your complaint doesn't make you sound real intelligent. "rd" should be "Rd." You don't have capitals at the beginning of your sentences.

What kind of word is "ax-ed?" Shouldn't it be "asked?" Also I don't think the employee got "made" while on the phone. She might have got "mad." There should be an apostrophe in the word "id," like this "I'd" and the same goes for "ill," it should be "I'll." There should be a hyphen in "co-workers." "2" isn't a word, nor is "u." Maybe your lack of education determined the treatment you received.

to anonymous #718582

The commenters spelling and use of capitalization may be a bit off; however, ad-hominim attacks/ counter arguments are fallacious.

And to answer your questions

" ax-ed" is ebonoics for asked. Meaning it's the urban slang pronunciation of the word that is notoriously used by African Americans.

And there is such a thing as African American Dialect. It's a field of study emerging in linguistics. It is a clear and very noticeable accent, misuse of words and pronunciation.

For example:

There he is.. Is pronounced "Deh he go.."

Right there is pronounced "raght dehr"

Asked is "axed" as in "Can I axe you a question?" Instead of: "May I ask you a question."

Having said this, African Americans make fun of ebonics quite frequently in comedy and on morning radio shows.

"sounding or talking black" may seem to be a crude label; however, it is a real phenomena.

to anonymous #786605

You can't tell when you talk to someone on the phone if they're black or not? A lot of blacks have accents.

If someone says "ax-ed" then there's a 99% chance they're black. Deal with it.

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