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Couldn't sign up for a membership without providing bank routing & checking account info. Won't accept payment of membership fees by credit card because my card might expire, or the account number might change and I would probably "forget" to update my information with them, not to mention that there was also every likelihood that the credit card charge could be declined.

Payment by EFT transfer, according to them, was simply more efficient and ensured that my membership fees would always be paid on time. I asked what would happen if I changed banks & forgot to update that information with them, or if there wasn't any money in my account. They said they'd contact me & give me the opportunity to submit payment by alternate method. Huh?

But they can't do that if you pay by credit card... nor can you pay for a year long membership in advance. It's simply not allowed, even if the membership you want requires a one year contract. Why?

Because you might decide you want to cancel the membership you're contractually obligated to remain in for the one year period. SMH.

Product or Service Mentioned: Planet Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Easy fix, You don't like their ruled, go find another club whose rules you prefer.

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