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I've been contemplating getting a membership at Planet Fitness. I was walking through the facility which is located in a mall to ask questions and as well as to get to the mall on the other side with all of my heavy packages for USPS. And I was turned away saying that they cannot allow non-members to use the door to get into the mall and I told them that I was walking with the heavy packages and my two year old and it's really heavy if they wouldn't mind me just this once and that I am contemplating a membership with Planet Fitness I just need to get to the post office before they close in 10 minutes and they still said no and instead of at least helping me with my packages that were falling on the floor, they crossed theyre arms and blicked my way and said i cannot go through the doors and said they were not allowed to and it said okay but I at least need help getting back through the exit doors with my packages and they refused.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Sorry, but your details were questionable. I would have done the same at the staff. You deserved zero courtesy.

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