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I don't want my review published ...it has NOT been resolved

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I called three times to speak to management, who has taken an extended weekend off and has not called me back. Was not given regional management's number.

I don't want an apology, I want a refund and my membership cancelled because this cost me far more and I am livid that your staff thought NINE MINUTES in a tanning booth was safe!!! I have no experience and believed the light was filtered for the more harmful UV light. After the fact, I learned that 2 or 3 minutes is recommended for first time tanning.

I informed your employee that I had never tanned before, that I was going to come for a series of days to build up a tan, and asked what time I should use....she sent me in for NINE minutes and such a bad sunburn developed over the next six hours that I considered going to the ER. It's been about 38 hours and I am still in severe pain and haven't been able to move or work.

Product or Service Mentioned: Planet Fitness Tanning.

Reason of review: I asked several questions about how to start the tanning process and stated I had never used the tanning booth. Employee sent me in for NINE MINUTES and I have a severe sunburn, cannot sleep or work. .

Customer made 2 calls to the company using contacts on our site.
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I know this is a complaint, but judging by your photos that is a very even burn. I'm gonna go for a couple of minutes to get what I'm assuming is going to be a very even glow. Thanks.


Then you should have gone to a professional tanning salon WHERE YOU PAY MORE. Some states do not require tanning certification by gym club staff.

Did you fill out any assessment paperwork? If not, then there probably is no state requirement.

to Anonymous #1553889

You are correct...I trusted the employee and she obviously wasn't trained.

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