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The Planet Fitness in Morrisville, PA always has people standing outside smoking and I just cannot believe it. Who goes to the gym to smoke? I mentioned it to the employee behind the counter and was told they can only control the smoking by the front doors, but anywhere else is allowed. What? That is the stupidest thing I ever heard... Besides the smoking, the windows are always filthy and have smudge marks all over them. There is also only 1 hand dryer in the woman's bathroom with 3 sinks and no paper towels so you have to stand around waiting with your hands dripping wet until it's your turn.

This location is in need of some serious Management intervention...

Product or Service Mentioned: Planet Fitness Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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As long as they are not smoking inside the building or at the front entry, what business is it of yours if grown adults are smoking?! Are you paying for their cigarettes?

No? Then STFU and mind your own business! The idea that you want the gym to intervene and tell other adults what to do with their own bodies is beyond INSANE! What next?

The gym tell members they cannot consume sugary sodas or chocolate bars in the parking lot? SMH!

to Anonymous #1364838

It's a gym ***. I work in a steel mill with fire, sulfer, lime dust, and you are escorted off the property for even having tobacco products on you.

Not too much to ask at a gym, you ***. I've seen people lose $90000 a yr jobs because they can't have this little sliver of control


People at my PF smoke too. I smell stale smoke on all kinds of members.

I don't care, they smoke. Aa long as it's not blown in my face, it doesn't bother me. They try, they workout, they smell. What's worse to me is man sweat.

But heck, I'm in a gym. I get it. I breathe and hope they go away. When they don't, I move into an area that smells better.

That's how i cope.

I used to smoke too, working out somewhat helped. I don't give a craps about smoking, so beck, thru smoke, big deal.


So because you didn't like the smoking answer, you threw, in a few more things, to make WHAT point.

As long as smoking isn't inside the club, people outside are free to smoke as they choose. Only loitering can have an impact, and grabbing a smoke isn't loitering.

YES, many who go to a gym SMOKE.

For whatever reason they do so is their own, but as long as they don't take it inside, they're fine. YOU ARE THE ONE JUDGING!

Maybe they are trying to quit and the workouts are helping them.

Maybe they became a member just to tan!

You equate smoking with ill health, that's fine, as a former 3 pack a day smoker (22 years ago), I happen to agree with you. And your attitude is a byproduct of many people.

Lets just scootch over to the right a little bit and drop your holy attitude. Smokers are easy prey to pounce upon because it's visual, but plenty of non smokers are skinny and fit and have have heart attacks, diabetes and clogged arteries. The answer to your opinion is NO TAXPAYER SUPPORTED HEALTHCARE! Maybe then we can stop being our brothers keeper and start focusing on the fault specs in our individual eyes.

And, a clean window has a new smudge in less than 30 seconds. Maybe they should hire someone full-time just to clean windows. A job where minimum wage is way to high.

If you want a cleaner place, vote for getting rid of the minimum wage. Then you can hire someone to do just that all day long.

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