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I Have been a member of Planet Fitness in Lower Mills/ Mattapan for over a year. For over a year I have been trying to get the club to LOWER the music being placed there. It is just loud. It is over the top, ear damaging, migraine headache bring on loud. No one listens to it anyway. Other members wear/use their own (mp3 players w/earbuds) I've used earplugs of various types. I've asked workers at the desk to lower it, they say they cannot, that... Read more

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Planet Fitness East Spfld Ma Sucks dirty equipment rude staff to crowded.....West Spld Ma totally different

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I went to the planet fitness in salem NH to go tanning and there was no one up front behind the desk and no workers in site, all i wanted to do was go tanning and im glad i pay $20 a month to not be able to do that because i waited up front and no worker came to help me so i ended up leaving because apparently no one works there on Sunday, never going there again, might as well get a new gym where people actually work Read more

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I think its absolutely bs that corporate took away all the 5lb 10lb and 15lb bars. I can not do walking lunges step ups or squats with 20lbs. I did my circuit with the 20lbs. Well i hurt my self so bad i couldnt walk for almost a week. Really not cool . actually very pissed off !!! Not to metion you guys also decided that no one uses the yoga balls so lets get rid of them too...i just called and asked can i bring my own... answer was NO!!!!! i... Read more

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this company is unethical. they make it costly to quit and make their money taking money from accounts of people that they know no longer go to pf

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when I signed a contract for my daughter to go to Planet Fitness the sales person implied that it was a 1 year contract and money would be automatically deducted from my account. What he FAILED to mention is the deduction would continue indefinately until I wrote a cancelation letter and or appeared in person to cancel the membership. After a year she stopped going thinking the membership ended as did I. Only to notice wat to long into year 2... Read more

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I had been a member of PF since last year. I like to take my sneaker when I'm the Matt stretching which never been a problem before. Now that we have this new manager name Chris Cooper the *** being rude. 'Told no you can't *** your shoes here. If you don't want to follow rules then we don't need you' My question is, If he doesn't have have a costumer where is he going to get his salary'. I want this *** to be... Read more

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I've been a member of the Walpole Ma. PF for almost a year. They have a set of circuit training machines, some of which I can use, some I can't do to arthritic knees. I've been selectively using some machines since my enrollment. One recent day there was a sign stating members could only use these machines in sequence or not at all. The membership became useless to me as I could not do the excersises I need and had to cancell my membership and... Read more

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I went to join the gym in west boylston ma, and you can't pay a year up front cash. they want access to your bank acc. monthly. this is pejudice. i don't want anyone in my acc. monthly for any reason nor do i bank on line because i have been a victim of identity theft. i had no problem in naples fl. they let me pay up front. I think this is unfair and you lost my business in ma. i never heard of not being able to pay a bill up front cash... Read more

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I am the girlfriend in previous complaint and we both we standing right there when the woman said they were open 24 hours and that is the only reason we signed up. He contacted the company immediately for some resolution and I couldn't believe the respndimg email. Basically this means war. I urge everyone who falls victim to planet witnesses' scams to contact the better business bureau and cancel there membership immediately. Don't trust... Read more

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