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Update by user Jan 03, 2018

I am happy to say, my premium that was taken without my consent was refunded. Thank you PF.

Original review posted by user Nov 04, 2017

Relocating to the Mechanicsburg, PA area, I looked for a gym. Having been a former trainer and always having memberships wherever I’ve lived, I am keenly aware of the hidden fees that can be encountered by those facilities that wish to conduct business in an unethical manner.

I searched the area for a facility that was the best value and closest geographically to my residence. Planet Fitness heavily advertised their $9.99 no commitment. I spoke with two representatives. One, by phone on my initial call.

The 2nd, in person when I came in to actually join, and work out. In my initial phone conversation, I was completely transparent about what I was in search for, and that I wanted to know all charges that are outside of the $10 advertised monthly fee. The male representative I spoke with on the phone stated there was also a $39.13 “start-up” Fee which would be charged upon my joining. This now brings a monthly charge to $13.26.

Not the great deal they do proudly advertise, but still the best value by a narrow margin. I asked if there would be any other additional fees. I was told, no. I went to the Gettysburg Pike location in Mechanicsburg and spoke with a female Planet Fitness employee there.

I once again reiterated my intentions of finding the best possible value and that I had spoken to the male representative on the phone, who told me about the additional $39.13 charge that would be added. She confirmed. I again asked if there would be any additional fees charged. She stated no, as well.

I learned there are two membership packages available: the standard/classic membership, which the website states is $10.00 per month and the black card membership which is $21.99 per month. Both allow workouts at the facility in which you signed up at (and a t-shirt). The black card membership gives added benefits of privileges to work out at any other Planet Fitness franchise location, unlimited guest privileges at any Planet Fitness location (although it does not state what that is, and I could discover nothing to support this claim), Use of tanning, 1/2 price cooler drinks, unlimited hydro massage haircuts, and 20% off on Reebok products at specified locations. I shave my head bald, I do not tan and don’t wear Reebok brand clothing .

When I travel out of town, I use the gym facilities at the hotels where I stay. The premier black card membership held no benefits for me. I opted for the standard/classic membership for $10 per month. Having had conversations with both the representative on the phone and with the female I was now face to face with, I signed the online documents obviously reading closely due to the fact that two representatives of their facility confirmed my specific questions about additional fees and answered my questions.

On November 1st, there was another $39.00 charge from Planet Fitness debited from my account. Immediately I called the Gettysburg Pike location. The call was answered by an assistant manager named Russel. I stated there must be an error because my account had just been debited for another $39.00.

Russel stated this was not an error. The $39.00 charge was for the “Rate Lock Fee” to provide me with the security of knowing my membership fees would not be increased. I stated to him, I had no interest in the Rate Lock because I would just leave Planet Fitness and now go to the other gym I had found that was now a better value. Just to now break down their advertised $10.00 per month.

$39.13 start up Fee $39.00 Rate Lock Fee $10 per month ($120 per year) $39.13 + $39.00 + $120.00= $198.13 per year $198.13 12 = $16.51 per month 65% higher than the advertised $10.00 per month. Not really a good deal at all. Russel then became condescending and stated I had no such option and that I should have read that in the contract. I reiterated all the information I have stated here.

I stated this was highly deceptive and I wished to speak to whom he reports to. Russel stated that his manager’s name was Kim, and she would be there the following morning. I went to the gym, in person and spoke to Kim. Immediately after I explained what had transpired in its entirety once again, Kim placed the blame on me for not reading the agreement after I had been specifically told twice there were no additional charges and the second person who had stated this was the one holding the signature pad as I signed.

As a manager of a customer service oriented industry, Kim blamed the customer for the deception used by her own employees and at no time held those under her charge accountable for their actions. I am the former owner of a half million dollar corporation , and have always held the responsibility to be sure my customer is satisfied and employees held under my charge are held accountable for unethical actions. Kim apparently does not hold that same belief when dealing with the very people that enable their business to thrive and grow due to customer satisfaction. I then asked Kim for her supervisor.

She stated there was the regional manager by the name Brian. Kim would not give me his full name or contact information. She asked for my contact information and said she would ask him to contact me. Once again, a customer service industry who does not have an open door policy for members to contact upper management.

Brian did contact me. For the third time, I told my story in its entirety. Brian then passed off authority and accountability to “those above him” and said he could do nothing about what had happened. Brian also stated he would not refund the additional $39.00 that was fraudulently charged to my account.

Of course, this left me with no other recourse than to request Brian to cancel my membership. Brian made it a point to tell me normally a personal visit to the location to sign a formal cancellation or a certified letter is needed, but he would allow this “one time courtesy.” As a result, my month and a half membership cost $98.13. $65.42 per month. I highly advise against ever joining this, or any other planet fitness location.

Having had membership at numerous other gym facilities for nearly 20 years, I have never experienced “Gymtimidation” until I dealt with the unethical practices of Planet Fitness and the refusal to accept culpability by their staff. Rest assured, you can find a reputable gym that is transparent about their fees, has reputable staff & management and has a desire to keep you the customer, satisfied to pass on their great experience to others.

You will find none of these qualities with Planet Fitness. Look elsewhere.

Product or Service Mentioned: Planet Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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"l find it very hard to believe that staff did not mention the annual fee as well. It is literally on all their marketing, and ingrained into their heads.

It’s not hidden at all "actually."

I find it hard to believe this guy ran a company! Customer Service does not include agreement violations

to Anonymous #1391233

Read before you type.

If you had, you would have seen very clearly I specifically asked and was told there would be one (one means singular.. as in not plural.

Is that clear enough?

I realize the defending Planet Fitness Staff who comment on here would like to turn the blame on the customer. A very good reason I’ve learned to avoid this poorly managed and morally bankrupt organization.

Every negative comment towards what happened failed to address THE CUSTOMER WAS LIED TO.

Proving you have no interest in addressing the real problem. Also making it transparently clear you are affiliated with the business.

Please keep this going.

The more you foolishly wish to demonize a customer who entrusted your misleading polices, the more popularity this feed gains and exposes what you poorly attempt to conceal. Get a crony with an education if you wish to attack someone you conned.


Odd that all the “members” (and not employees/management as they state... yes implication intended) all focus on the signed agreement that I acknowledged I did not closely look at because I didn’t think an employee who I was looking right in the eye at the time said there were no additional charges would lie to me.

The more you wish to fabricate and deflect what actually happened shows how much you choose to avoid what actually happened.

The integrity of your facility plummets further when it comes to light my having $39 taken from me was because I trusted one of your representatives.

Keep on adding the “testimonials” and validating my experience.

As I previously mentioned. This, the complaints I’ve submitted to the Better Business Bureau and to the PA Attorney General assure this will cost you far more than the $39 you stole from me.

to Anonymous #1400588



The answer was No because they have to tell you all the fees upfront. It's on all their paperwork, AND on the Agreement.


hey, I'm a member at that place and they told me everything upfront and I did signatures on one of those checkout credit sliding things. I was told that I'd geet my agreement emailed and I got it.

and I was not only told about the year charge but i had to sign a special screen about it, two times.

so I went in to workout today and struck a conversation and they mentioned the fee you are talking about. it's printed on their presentation papers I asked if I could have it for a friend and they gave it to me. I'm looking right at it and they don't even call it a rate lock fee, just a annual fee.

then I asked about there company and how it works with the manager how it runs and eventually they told me that they are overseen by a regional manager named Paul.

I asked if there was a Brian manager at another place and nope Paul oversees them.

so I don't know what to tell you your thing message was so long I had to check it out. thanks for the fun i almost believed you.

to Taylor #1388896

If you had actually read it you would have seen that they told me there were no additional charges.

Or did you miss that?

Please stick to the facts if you are going to be relevant.

Unless , it is the more likely scenario in which you are part of Planet Fitness and repeatedly trying to deflect the actual point to paint a false picture.

Either way.. read the whole article and then make a valid point. Cherry picking to aid the company you have no point to defend unless you are from them makes no sense.

to Anonymous #1389273

sorry deep . your facts don't add and you have more than one fact wrong.

too many untruths to believe you at all. I seen with my own eyes that they don't hide nothing. you didn't ask, you were not listening.

or reading. wow, I don't even believe that was a typo, a total crock.

to Taylor #1389284

“Too many facts don’t add”

The fact (singular) I stated was that I was specifically told there were no additional charges. And there was.

Amazing your unbiased opinion has the selective memory you do.

Your “too many facts that don’t add” sounds good in movie quotes and those with a flair for the dramatic sounds very dismissive but you need to make sense first.

Leave the clever verbatim to those who script in Hollywood and those who have an elementary idea of what a double negative is.

So, you are “not even a member there anymore.”, But you remember the forms you signed at the time you joined? Save it for drama (and English) class, adults are talking right now.


This was my experience as well. I think the rate lock fee is very deceptive since they have been advertising the same pricing for the past 4 years.

Plus a sign up fee.

Plus having to discontinue in person. I was very unhappy with my experience also.

to Anonymous #1400710

I encourage you to do as I did to make sure the irrefutable business that fraudulently mislead you be held accountable for their actions.

File your report with the Better Business Bureau:

Also file with your State’s Attorney General.

What appears to be small amounts they have stolen from us will be infinitesimal in comparison to how much it will cost them in lost revenue and well-deserved damage to the reputation they never had.


“Having had conversations with both the representative on the phone and with the female I was now face to face with, I signed the online documents obviously reading closely due to the fact that two representatives of their facility confirmed my specific questions about additional fees and answered my questions.“ I’m confused, because you stated that you in fact carefully read the contract before signing. Regardless, whether you signed up online or in person, this is very apparent upon finalizing your agreement, in fact it is in bold letters and underlined, both fee and date, which states when and how much will be taken out for your annual fee.

I just don’t understand how you could have missed that if you “read closely”, like you claim to have done. I find it very hard to believe that staff did not mention the annual fee as well. It is literally on all their marketing, and ingrained into their heads. It’s not hidden at all actually.

Either way, it is the agreement that you signed to. Luckily though you signed the option that was “commitment free” so cancellation can be done anytime for free. As far as management not giving information of DM’s or RM’s, unfortunately many times gym management does not have this information, or is specifically instructed not to give such info out. They don’t even carry a number to customer service/home office.

So I agree that company communications should be changed to enable both employees and customers to reach the necessary staff to resolve issues. I don’t think the practice was unethical. It’s a lesson for next time. Also, there are many members who enjoy the facilities and what the company offers, although they may have lost you as a customer, they obviously are doing something right to continue steady growth.

I sincerely hope you find a gym that works for you and your needs! Sorry you had a bad experience.

to Anonymous #1387854

That was a typo. I intended to type I did not read the agreement closely.

Why would I?

I had heard from the representatives of the company directly. One, face to face in front of me right there.

You are obviously an employee of the company, and I have likely spoke with you.

The most interesting part of your reply is your focus on what I may have done wrong and not on your employees who did not listen at all to my explicit instructions of what I wished to have communicated to me.

Furthermore, there was also no intent to remedy or satisfy a customer who was clearly misled, intentionally or not.

Is that the customer service image you wish to display?

to Anonymous #1388105

Why would you not? Haha, I’m not an employee, just a member.

The staff here has always been quite friendly and upfront.

Some locations apparently aren’t. I just don’t see the use in complaints when it could have been remedied with simply reading what you are signing.

to Anonymous #1390064

convenient backtracking to a typo, and lack of personal responsibility, always blaming someone else. not my fault!

this is comedic! thanks for the laughs!

to Carla Morton #1390072
Look! “Taylor” changed his name to Carla.

He/she also has a last name now.

And anonymously defends health clubs that lie to their customers.
Are you also telling all the others on this site complaining about the same exact issue they are also “blaming everyone else for their problems.”
Keep making this feed more popular so others come forward. :)

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