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signed up for "no contract' membership and after i cancelled and stop direct payment from my checking account they secretly started taking money from credit card , that i had never authorized or even knew , until i looked more closely at my account statement -- Bunch of thieves--they do not respond when contacted, i am disputing the charges to stop this from happening any further , my credit card company says this is a common complaint for this company --- so beware of this company and i recommend look at other fitness organizations to join and not this one

Product or Service Mentioned: Planet Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $20.

I liked: No contract.

I didn't like: Stealing my money from my credit card.

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glad I read this.... will not join because of this.


There is an agreement yet some membership options do have a contract.

If you signed up for a no-contract membership that means that you can cancel at anytime after you first sign up.

the contract membership requires a 12-month commitment but that appears not to be you.

So if you did come in to cancel or sent a letter to cancel you or the letter had to have arrived by a certain date of the month in order for the billing to stop for the next dues cycle.

if it was not completed in time you are billed one additional cycle.

Check your cancellation form for the dates and it will tell you when your last bill date was supposed to be. Everything is dated and all those dates are non editable in the your profile.

Cancelling your membership is not impossible.

There is a huge huge window of cancellation time. If you are a day late you will be billed again, and that includes the annual fee as well.

to Anonymous #1404389

retrieve your copy. if the dates serving your favor, you are entitled tona refund.

if not, u owe an additional month. those r the terms agreed to.

those receipts are non editable. and legally speaking, if there were real issues, you bet that PF would be shut down.

The problem is when ppl don't pay attention!

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