I signed up with Planet Fitness about 5 months ago. Everything was going great until I had to update my billing information. Before, I just gave them my credit card number and they billed me every month without any problems.

Now they are asking for my checking ACCOUNT number and my BANK ROUTING number. When I asked why I can not simply use my credit card number like I did when I signed up, they stated that it is a new policy that became effective in November. Since when does a gym need your checking account number and routing number to bill you monthly? A monthly magazine subscription does not require a checking or routing number and nor does a monthly membership with Bally Total Fitness. What if that information were to be hacked, millions of members would have their information compromised.

Planet Fitness - you need to change your policy if you want to keep your loyal customers. I will not give you my checking account number or my routing number and I am sure others will refuse as well.

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I was going to join today, and didn't. I'm not giving my checking account numbers to a gym. I should be able to use my major credit card or debit card.


We still have tons of members including myself. This is actually quite common with many organizations.

Framingham, Massachusetts, United States #1290557

agreed this is a disaster

ous error by this business not only in turning away people. but in setting itself up for a public relations disaster

Medford, New Jersey, United States #1259256

I tried joining last night and I was like "what!You need a bank routing number?" i walked out, emailed the DM and he responded non-negotiable.

My friend then called on the phone. They told him to go f-ing join another gym then. Now I'm so peeved I'm thinking if filing a complaint as this practice of taking two forms of payment may be illegal. If not it should be.

Either way, Planet Fitness is out for me.They can go f-ing try to get new members until they are sued and go out of business.

Marshfield, Massachusetts, United States #1246671

Same experience here. I was a member for 5 years with a charge card. Now they tell me I can do my bank account for 10 per month plus 39 in October OR pay up front for 199 what a scam they are running!!!!!

Fontana, California, United States #1214641

My account is set up so I can only receive funds using my routing number, not pay out, so I asked if I could sign up with just a debit card.They said no because their system wasn't set up that way.

Which is bull because if you sign up online, it even says they'll use the card number you provide as back up payment.

So they totally can process card payments.They lost a potential customer by deciding not to.

to Anonymous #1374969

This is common practice and they are doing quite well with over 1400+ locations. A few people choosing not to join won't hurt them. Also, the system will allow cards as a backup form of payment but not for the primary method of payment.

North Grafton, Massachusetts, United States #1184510

I was going to join but not when I found that out

No Way!

Trenton, New Jersey, United States #1184044

If you give someone, anyone, a check..guess what??

They will have your bank account number and your routing number. It's on the check.

It's no different than a credit card and you can stop payments to PF simply by calling your bank.Maybe you didn't think of this before you asked the question.

to Anonymous North Grafton, Massachusetts, United States #1184514

yes but you are actually giving them permission and access to your full bank account

My husband is a computer security man and he says that is a *** thing to do because it is not secure. you can always stop payment on a credit card but it usually costs $ 35 to stop payment on a check

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