I signed up with Planet Fitness about 5 months ago. Everything was going great until I had to update my billing information. Before, I just gave them my credit card number and they billed me every month without any problems.

Now they are asking for my checking ACCOUNT number and my BANK ROUTING number. When I asked why I can not simply use my credit card number like I did when I signed up, they stated that it is a new policy that became effective in November. Since when does a gym need your checking account number and routing number to bill you monthly? A monthly magazine subscription does not require a checking or routing number and nor does a monthly membership with Bally Total Fitness. What if that information were to be hacked, millions of members would have their information compromised.

Planet Fitness - you need to change your policy if you want to keep your loyal customers. I will not give you my checking account number or my routing number and I am sure others will refuse as well.

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I just signed up 2 weeks ago..they didn’t ask me for my acct and routing number..not yet anyway..reading all these bad reviews is worrying too me..


I have wanted to sign up for Planet Fitness for several months. However upon going to do so (today), I was asked for my routing number and account number...um....NO!!!

What kind of absurd policy is this?

That's like asking for my social security number at the hairdresser's. Just lost my business, and I was going to get the "black card" membership...


I too was going to join PF, but once I found out they wanted my checking account information, I decided against it. Credit card companies will reimburse you if someone uses your information for fraudulent purposes.

BOA (or most banks), not so much. You're required to report it in a short amount of time (usually two days after you notice the charge) or else you may be liable for a large amount of the charge and then it is still not easy or quick to have the money returned, if at all. You're being very trusting to give up information where someone could wipe out your account. I would advise not to do this.

Perhaps if more people cancelled because of this, PF might change their policies. Type your message here


Was considering signing up but I really don’t like their payment policy. I wanted to pay for the full year up front but they say “No” -It feels a bit vulnerable having my routing number etc.

out there.

I would rather pay all at once. Still on the fence because it’s such a good price.


About a month ago I was looking to sign up at PF..I had planned on paying for a Black Card Membership 1year up front.Then they asked for my account number and routing number?That was a red flag.. If its no commitment, why do you need all that information.

Plus I was paying for the year up front.. Why would you need any of that?

to NikkiB #1463798

Why is everyone so shocked about this? It is a dumb practice, but planet fitness does this to save money.

They dont need to pay for credit companies.

They dont need to pay banks or deal with bad checks.They dont take cash because they dont want to deal with employees stealing, safes, transferring hard cash to the bank, and it makes the accounting work a *** of a lot easier.It sucks from a trust standpoint but how do you think it's so cheap? It's not great gym but it would be hard to find a gym that charges 10 dollars a month with a yearly 39 dollar charge for the same quality


Tried to pay for a full year wouldn"t let me need a checking account number they said. Will never give it to them. Turned around and walked out.


I guess you people probably have a cow when your employer asks for a cancelled check for direct deposit.

to Anonymous #1441114

A cancelled check isnt the same as giving your entire account number out as well

to Anon #1474427

I mean, yeah it definitely is. Both of those numbers are on your checks.

to Anonymous #1459368

I just wouldn't get direct deposit if I didn't feel comfortable giving that information out. Also my employer is a lot more trustworthy than a workout chain.


I went to sign up today and turned right back around i would not give up my information to a guy that smells like pure ***. Instead i signed up with Blink Fitness!


Could not agree more. I went in during their "deal" $10 a month and $1 down with no contract.

You find out there is a $39 a year maintenance charge 3 months into the membership. Then I indicated that I did not want to using a checking account but could I pay for an entire year based on the amount in the deal with one credit card payment. I was told well then that is a year contract and that would be $199 plus the $39 fee and after 72 hours it is non-refundable. Under Ohio law, if the person is disabled and has physician certification that they cannot use the gym indeed it is cancellable.

I cannot understand why they would not even take cash up front based on the deal but insisted on a routing number and check debiting every month. The answer is clear to me. If I say no longer, they can continue to debit anyway.

There is no rational reason for not taking cash, and certainly this is quicker, they have my money UP FRONT and not monthly. Something is fishy here.


Wow i have read many of the reviews and it shows many answers back by people that work there. Mean People much? Not a place


I will never put myself in that situation... I will never give them my Checking Account info..


I absolutely don't understand why they won't take a check for the full year in advance and save the billing hassle and the risk of having someone's acount drained by a hacker.


I was going to join today, and didn't. I'm not giving my checking account numbers to a gym. I should be able to use my major credit card or debit card.

to Joann #1418777

I totally agree. This is what I tried to do.

I tried to pay them the exact amount of the deal up front but they would not take it, claiming this was a year contract now and I would have to pay more.

I cannot figure why they would not want more money up front even if it was for a deal that people were paying monthly by they debiting checking accounts. Something is not right.


We still have tons of members including myself. This is actually quite common with many organizations.

to Candace #1418778

Not the dealing and wheeling where you want to pay the exact same amount as the deal up front and they insist on debiting in monthly from a checking account. They are not a life insurance company.

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