The PF located at 1404 Lawrenceville Suwanee Rd, Lawrenceville, GA has twice now made me sit and wait to use the tanning bed because of some cleaning policy. The longest you can tan is 15 mins.

But they only allow members to tan on the 1/5 hr marks. For example if you want to tan at 5pm and the best are empty then you can. You get your 15 mins. But if you sign up at 5:15 and the best are empty you have to wait until 5:30.

All the beds were opened and I watched one of the employee clean the beds. Then 4 employees stood behind the counter talking and carrying. The best were open and clean but they said I had to wait (after spending an hr working out) for 15mins for no reason. The longest you can stay in a lay down bed it 15 mins and the longest in a stand up bed is 10.

They have 2 stand up best which sit idle for 40 mins every hour. I pay for this service. I should be able to use it. I understand waiting my turn if the beds are in use.

PF also will not require a personal trainer (That I also pay for with the Black Card) to be available on my schedule around my job. One will not meet before I go to work. Which is at 7am. I want to get with someone around 5am but they don't start that early.

I don't get off till 4pm and the earliest I could be at the gym was 5pm depending on traffic but they stop taking appts at 5pm and if your late they will not wait. I pay for services I can't use.

I will be canceling my membership.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $240.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Planet Fitness Pros: Most of equipment, Cleanliness, Location.

Planet Fitness Cons: Customer service, Rude employee, Unprofessional employee attitudes, No notification.

Location: Suwanee, Georgia

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Haha cancel then! You obviously have no clue about using a tanning bed and the cleaning of tanning beds! Go lay out in the sun!


Right lol


4 1/2 years later...


Haha, this is entertaining to read. No, not really.

The auto presumption of gender is what cracks me up the most. *cat screeches * BTW, kudos to the English majors on this feed, someone needed to put that illiterate p.o.s in 'her' place! - said NO ONE EVER.

Perhaps, we should opt for the massage bed instead. Oh yea, I bet it was a dude.


What's the earliest you can use a tanning bed


No one has to schedule anyone around YOUR schedule. That’s just dumb. Also, how many times can you possibly misspell “beds”?


You're rude. He has every right to be upset




How far in between I can tan again?


The product they use to clean the beds has to air dry for it to do it's best job. It recommends they let it dry for 15 minutes.

Get over yourself. Go to an actual tanning salon if it's that big of a deal for you...


If they already cleaned it and the bed is just sitting there. Having the rule you can only use it on the 1/5 mark is STUPID.

Kind of like your IQ. Re read the complaint IDIOT


That's not true


Thank you! Most tanning salons don’t follow that cleaning rule, even the nicest ones.

While the rules may be annoying, planet fitness follows them to a T! And coming from someone who worked in the tanning industry for 8 years, I can’t be mad about policy


It's "beds" for Christ's sake!!!!!!


i totally agree with the tanning issue. i have tanned at any time since the place opened.

today i went in on my lunch break and was told to wait 15 min.. all beds were open. i asked why and he rudely pointed to a policy sign. i said i have seen the sign since ive been a member however never been told i had to wait.

he rudely told me they had all new owners and staff. i said your the only new person i see. he said well it changed in august. i replied me and 15 other employees at my job have tanned a million times since august with no restrictions.

he snapped well its the policy. we pay for our services and we should be able to use what we pay for.

you do not have to be royalty to expect to use what we pay for!!!! All the other staff is great besides the tanning police they just hired.


Here’s the thing.... just because most of the employees don’t follow the rules doesn’t mean the one who follows them is a problem. Maybe he is the one that will save you from your scabies demise


Ur canceling a membership because of a tanning bed wait.... Are u royalty??

Because u joined that gym because it cheap... U get what u pay for....

I seriously doubt your leaving the gym.... Ur just a pain in the *** to everyone u cross paths with


No what we pay for is to use the things in the gym. Reguardless of how much it costs.

Not one other location does this.

So save the smart *** comment and you obviously pay for the same cheap gym so dont *** talk punk. We will be moving over 100 employee memberships to other locations!!!#


Tanning bead cleanliness is a state mandated policy as well as tanning times. In florida the longest tanning session is 12 minutes.

The cleaner does have to air dry for a bit.

I schedule ahead work out then tan at the time i chose. Easy peasy.


If you have the black card you can just go to any location you want anytime just sign in. If you have the cheap membership then you have to keep redoing your membership every time you change a location.

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